Track Audio Isolation Cups (Set of 4) Spike Shoes

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Providing superior isolation and the ability to hold vast amounts of weight, Track Audio Isolation Cups are machined from stainless steel with a Delrin insert spike cup and soft industrial felt underneath. Protect your floors, isolate your gear and get your socks knocked off.

Isolation & Solid Shoes – 40mm diameter, 10mm height

The shoes/cups are presented in a beautiful wooden box


Track Audio at a glance (download brochure)

Our range of speaker stands are built with a devotion to detail that will add modern elegance to any room, available in Satin Black or Silver anodised finish.
Also, gorgeously machined and a huge sonic upgrade, Track Audio has created an entirely new product category for us: speaker spikes. An off-shoot of a British machining company with clients in the military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries, Track Audio creates astonishingly high-quality products from high grade steel. Designed to last a lifetime and sound great doing it.

Good Vibrations?
You would not build a house without strong foundations?
Or drive a car with loose suspension. So why expect your hi-fi system to perform at its best without the proper support?

Your hi-fi works by generating sound waves. However for every action, there's a corresponding reaction: in this case, unwanted vibration and resonance. No matter how good your loudspeakers, the in-room audio quality can be significantly reduced by the effect of floor resonance, producing sonic effects ranging from muddy and indistinct notes to a harsh and wearing sound.

Track Audio precision-made speaker stands, isolation feet, spikes and spike shoes are designed to eliminate these effects and unlock the full potential of your hi-fi system.

Precision, Quality and Control
Track Audio's range of support solutions is the result of detailed analysis into the detrimental effects of floor resonance caused by high-output loudspeaker designs. every product and component is designed and manufactured in-house in the UK from the highest quality materials, using detailed computer modelling and ultra-precision machining to ensure meticulous attention to detail and excellent performance.

We pay equally careful attention to the sourcing of materials and traceability of all parts and processes. All machined parts are produced to ISO 9001 standards.

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Track Audio Isolation Cups (Set of 4) Spike Shoes

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Ottimo upgrade

Hanno sostituito egregiamente le sottopunte originali in una coppia di Living Voice R25 Anniversary, stabilizzando i mobili e permettendo un fine tuning volto ad esaltare le prestazioni del diffusore. Ordinato nella versione smorzante in delrin, con feltrino, disaccoppia perfettamente i diffusori dal pavimento, senza minare la chiarezza del suono, anzi: aumentandono pulizia e coerenza (e quindi soundstage). Performance nettamente migliorate con il diffusore in bolla, in maniera che la punta sia perfettamente perpendicolare.

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Perche' non e' espresso il peso supportato.

Scusate ma che significa ''un peso anche elevato''? mi sembra troppo generico, la quasi totalita' delle sottopunte che ponete in vendita non diefiniscono un peso supportato ideale, mi chiede perche'.

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    2020-07-20 19:59
    Posso sapere la differenza che c\'è con la versione in Delrin e quella normale? Il delrin aggiunto si trova sotto nella parte a contatto con il pavimento o è proprio all\'interno dell\'incavo dove appoggia la punta? In quest\'ultimo caso non si rovinerebbe a contatto con la punta?Me ne servirebbero 8pz. da mettere sotto ai diffusori che arrivano già con le punte track audio di serie, quelle più piccole M8/M10.Grazie
    • PlayStereo
      2020-07-21 00:25
      Il Delrin è una plastica durissima e l’incavo è dimensionato per cui le due parti si incastrano perfettamente bene. la parte in Delrin costituisce l’incavo punta e non viene a contatto col pavimento. Le parti sono a contatto ma disaccoppiate. La versione in Delrin è quella che viene scelta di default per le sue proprietà smorzanti e supporta fino a circa 80 Kg per set da 4, mentre la versione con incavo punta in acciaio anche molto di più.

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