Soundcare SuperSpikes GOLD Series (Set of 4)

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The new Soundcare GOLD series, thanks to careful construction and updated materials, provides an increasingly precise, clean and open sound image in the high range, as well as improved control over the low frequencies. Increasingly careful construction and updated materials, the Superspikes make your listening experience better.

What is SuperSpike?

The Soundcare SuperSpike is an all new design, an all in one spike foot. This unique construction eliminates the most common problem experienced when using a conventional spike, damaged surfaces. The construction is based on a high quality spike fitted with a custom designed base plate, all integrated in an ABS plastic housing. This allows the user to move the speaker (or other units equipped with Soundcare SuperSpikes) without making scratches and scars to the surface.

The spike has been tested with loads up to 400 kg on one spike. This results in a deformation in the steel part of the base plate of 0.02 mm which is about the same as nothing. The spike itself does not get any change at all at this load. This enourmous strength is achieved by making the spike itself with a ball tip in hardened steel and the crater in the base plate with a flat bottom. In this way we have got the maximum strength and minimum contact area. You can safely load the spikes with the most heavy speakers or hifi equipment.

Threadsize information:

It can be smart to measure your old spikes before you buy. Here you have some thread specifications:

- M6 --> 6mm outher diameter --> 10 threads per cm
- M8 --> 8 mm outher diameter --> 8 threads per cm
- M10 (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 10 mm outher diameter --> 6,67 threads per cm
- M12 (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 12 mm outher diameter --> 5,7 threads per cm
- 1/4" --> 1/4 inch = app. 6,35 mm outher diameter --> 20 threads per inch = app. 7,8 threads per cm.
- 5/16" --> 5/16 inch = app. 7,94 mm outher diameter --> 18 threads per inch = app. 7,05 threads per cm.
- 3/8" (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 3/8 inch = app. 9,3 mm outher diameter --> 16 threads per inch = app. 6,45 threads per cm.
- 7/16" (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 7/16 inch = app. 10,1 mm outher diameter --> 14 threads per inch = app. 5,65 threads per cm.
- 1/2" (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 1/2 inch = app. 12,4 mm outher diameter --> 12 threads per inch = app. 4,85 threads per cm.


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Soundcare SuperSpikes GOLD Series (Set of 4)

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