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"Making some of the best-looking, best-finished and - appropriately - best-sounding kit in the UK today, but rarely shouting about it, is Trilogy." 


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'The essence of music

- engineered'

From a passion to remain true to the essence of music, and by keeping all the key design elements in harmony, we create products of true quality.

Look at the objects around you in your home or work place; the chances are much of what you see is the end result of derivative thinking. By bringing a small improvement to what already exists; a commercial niche is filled and a small advantage over your competitors is gained. Here at Trilogy Audio Systems we do things differently. 

Nic Poulson is the principal designer of all Trilogy Audio Systems products.

Nic's background was originally in broadcast engineering, training with the BBC in the eighties. The corporation's legendary high standards made a deep impression on him. He learned that the way to achieve true quality is to strive for excellence in every area and accept nothing less. He went on to found Trilogy in 1990 and quickly earned a reputation for producing designs that reflected his core values of performance, reliability, pride of ownership and value for money.

Nic's designs can also be found in runway lighting systems, guiding aircraft safely to land at major airports across the UK. His success in the exacting industry of aviation is further confirmation of his breadth and versatility as a designer.

After studying in depth the inherent weaknesses in most mains derived power supplies, and their surprising impact on sound quality, Nic founded Isotek and revolutionised the concept of mains conditioning. Now the creative force behind Isol-8 Teknologies, he has delivered award winning designs which display none of the negative qualities shown by previous generations of mains conditioners. His products have taken the audio community by storm and are sold to discerning users worldwide.

His design philosophy is the key to understanding all Trilogy products.

Instead of deciding a price point and assembling a product steering committee chaired by a marketing manager, Nic goes back to first principles: identifying the fundamental questions at the core of each design issue. By carefully addressing and optimising each electrical design element to deliver the optimum solution, his goal of minimum compromise is achieved.

We complement this by taking great care over the realisation of the design. Beauty, reliability and user friendliness are essential qualities that must be present as a design makes its way through the myriad processes that make a physical real world product.

These are the reasons why our designs are enduring. From a passion to remain true to the essence of music, and by keeping all the key design elements in harmony, we create products of true quality.

Several years in the making, the latest generation of Trilogy Audio Systems components remain true to our original core values. Engineered from the inside out with real heart and soul behind them, they will provide lasting satisfaction, making music for your pleasure. We hope you will share the experience with us soon.

"I firmly believe that making exceptional products is a combination of knowledge and intuition, or passion if you prefer. My passion lay firmly with analogue electronics. I also have little or no interest in digital circuits. I understand what’s going on with them but have no feeling about them." - Nic Poulson

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