Sieveking Sound RCA End Caps (Set of 10)


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Sieveking Sound RCA End Caps, 5 pairs. They are a necessary accessory for all unused analogue inputs and outputs of audio components.

The caps are made of pure copper and are coated with gold. Inside there is an additional Teflon insert. This unique combination allows excellent high-frequency absorption.

The closure caps are for unused inputs and outputs for all Hi-Fi components.

It’s a simple way to keep unwanted RFI and dust out of your components. Just place these over any unused RCA inputs/outputs on all of your components and these caps will block out any RFI that can add noise to your system.

Everyone knows that noise and distortion are bad for audio reproduction, destroying precious detail and smearing resolution. Your open RCA inputs are channeling RFI and EMI noise right into the heart of your components. Cover all the unused RCA inputs in your system with the RCA caps and keep this distortion from getting into your components. The RCA caps slide right over unused RCA jacks and will provide both sonic and environmental protection.

Sonic improvements include lower noise floor, richer harmonic detail and improved air and spatial qualities.

This products will not be shipped to any country where a Sieveking Sound distributor is present.

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Sieveking Sound RCA End Caps (Set of 10)

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Velocissimi con la spedizione il prodotto e' rifinito molto bene sono placati in oro 24k, una kikka per il vostro amplivalvolare in piu' che fa la sua figura ciao.

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