WireWorld Aurora 7 Power Cord

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WireWorld Aurora 7 Power Cord, factory terminated with Shuko and IEC plugs.

The Aurora 7 is a high performance power cord which offers exceptional value for money. It features Silver-clad oxygen-free copper conductors and moulded connectors with Brass contacts. A perfect choice for mid-range Audio systems and high-end Video displays.

"We were particularly impressed with this cable's contribution to the sound of each of the components we used with it, as it seems to bring with it an unusually wide range of improvements. The commonest mains cable effect, of improved detail, is certainly there, but we also noted additional subjective extension in both bass and treble."
"Bass benefits in reach and precision, while treble becomes more crystalline. Stereo imaging also tightens up a little as a side effect of this and the end result is a very attractive net benefit."
Hi-Fi Choice, Jan '09

"Best mains product" award 2008 by Hi-Fi Choice magazine

"Create a cleaner sound from your speakers with this mains cable"

"...as soon as I replaced my reference power cord with Aurora, I knew this was no ordinary cable; the lower bass became lower, and at the same time, the resolution improved. Once again, the magic of the audio world is restored."

"The resolution and spatial integrity increased, the bass firmed up, and dynamics, both macro and micro improved significantly...the improvement with the Aurora (power cord) is completely consistent and not subtle."

"With the Aurora power cord in place, bass was full, deep and very tight, edging out the MIT cords in both the full and deep departments. The mids were similarly spectacular, detailed, quick and dynamic."

Conductor type: Silver-clad OFC
Insulation: Composite Dielectric TechnologyTM
Contacts: Silver-clad copper alloy
Connectors: Custom molded, international styles
Standard lengths: 1m., 1.5m, 2m (others to custom order)

Introducing Series 7

Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation
Designer David Salz has long been known for creating inventive and effective solutions to common cable problems. The result is a line of unique cables that provide the absolute clearest path for music and video. With the introduction of Series 7, David has again broken new ground in advancing the dynamic performance of Wireworld cables and integrated these advances with a fresh new style.

Composilex® 2 Insulation Technology
The secret to a successful recipe is usually the quality of the ingredients. Wireworld’s proprietary formulation of composite dielectric materials is specifically designed to minimize triboelectric noise, thereby preserving the purity of the original signal. Refined for Series 7, these new materials push the boundaries of our expectations for fidelity by letting us hear, see and feel more than ever before.

DNA Helix® Cable Design
Designing a more effective way to preserve musical expression is the ultimate goal of cable engineer David Salz. With the unique invention of the DNA Helix design, David has created a more efficient channel for electromagnetic energy, thereby preserving more of the delicate information that creates higher fidelity. Series 7 utilizes refined versions of the DNA Helix design to provide the most lifelike fidelity ever.

Waveform Fidelity
A perfect cable would transfer musical waveforms without changing or losing any information along the way. Achieving this level of perfection is our goal. With the release of Series 7, we will also introduce Waveform Fidelity graphs showing how Wireworld cables outperform all others. The image below illustrates the musical waveform error of Wireworld Starlight 7 USB in comparison to a conventional USB cable. See and hear the difference for yourself!

Series 7 Innovations
In addition to the dramatic improvements in our composite insulation, and our refined speaker and interconnect DNA Helix designs, we are proud to announce new features and products that elevate the Wireworld brand even further.
• The first American brand of upgrade HDMI cable is now also the first to feature HD-Grip™ plugs with silver+gold contacts for the best HDMI connections ever.
• Improved USB audio cables that recently earned the TAS Golden Ear and Digital Audio Cable of the Year awards.
• Four levels of upgrade headphone cables
• Five levels of premium mic and instrument cables featuring proprietary silver-clad connectors and DNA Helix geometry.
• Uni-Term™ interchangeable spades and banana plugs

Wire World at a glance

The world leader in cable technology for home theater and high-end audio systems

WireWorld audio, video and power cables utilize a series of patented and highly effective innovations to provide dramatic improvements in sound and image quality. Our unique scientific approach of comparing cables to a direct connection has resulted in products of superlative performance and value, which thrill consumers and critics around the World.

A generation has passed since audio enthusiasts first discovered that cables could change the sound of their stereo systems, but clear explanations of those changes and of why one cable may produce better sound quality than another are not easily found. The fact is that the best cable of all, would be no cable at all, a direct physical connection between components. Our unique approach of evaluating cables by comparing them to a direct connection has enabled us to develop cables that clearly preserve more of the beautiful harmonic textures and dynamic expression that make live music so enjoyable.
Likewise, our objective methodology and dedication to quality have also led to substantial advances in digital video cable and power cord technology.

  WireWorld cable design methodology

• A clear objective: To create cables closest in performance to a direct connection
• Identify and analyze all forms of loss through bypass testing and measurement
• Create new cable designs that minimize all types of observable loss and distortion
• Execute those designs according to the pricing needs of consumers

  "WireWorld is dedicated to creating cables that maximize the pleasure of your home entertainment experience."   David Salz, WireWorld President and Designer

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WireWorld Aurora 7 Power Cord

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Che spettacolo... E due!

Come da recente e precedente recensione, ho acquistato un secondo cavo di alimentazione da collegare al mio Super Audio CD Marantz SA7003: ottima scelta, suoni più puliti, migliore dinamica e dettaglio... Uno spettacolo. Grazie ancora una volta a PlaySteteo per il servizio di consegna impeccabile!

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Che spettacolo... ad un piccolo prezzo!

Sono rimasto assolutamente colpito dalla resa sonora e dalla pulizia/dettaglio dei suoni prodotti dal mio pre-phono Aurorasound VIDA PRIMA dopo la sostituzione di un "normale" cavo di alimentazione con questo Aurora 7; a questo punto sto valutando l'acquisto di un secondo cavo della stessa famiglia da utilizzare con il mio lettore Marantz SA7003 SACD, non oso immaginare come potrà essere la resa dei miei CD (per anni ascoltati "solo" con il cavo di alimentazione in dotazione al lettore). Credetimi, a volte la sola sostituzione di un cavo può incidere sulla resa globale dell'impianto come la sostituzione di un componente (o quasi). Circa il servizio da parte di PlayStereo, lo sintetizzo con una parola: perfetto!

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Spedizione veloce! il WireWorld Aurora 7 è andato ad alimentare il mio lettore Sacd Cd,-Rispetto allo Stratus è un filo più dettagliato e aperto, ottimo rapporto Qualità-prezzo

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Wireworld aurora 7

Non e' la prima volta che acquisto da Playstereo e mi son sempre trovato bene , stavolta in 24 ore il mio bel cavo era gia' in uso .... grazie

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Puntualità e precisione nello spedire l'oggetto da Playstereo. Il cavo è realizzato con materiali di alta qualità. La geometria costruttiva è unica. Rende, effettivamente, un suono più pulito. Fortemente raccomandato per impianti di alto livello, posso tranquillamente affermare che a volte, non è necessario spendere una follia per ottenere prestazioni eccellenti.

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salve arrivo   perfeto   incredibile rapido   io sono plugged in   con mio cavo strepitoso 
 tutto within 24 ora  grazie    saluti

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Ho acquistato questo cavo un po' incredulo, invece collegato all'Icon HP8 MKII ha veramente cambiato il suono sensibilmente in meglio. È migliorato il micro contrasto, gli alti sono diventati più argentini, le percussioni più nette dinamiche e profonde e la massa orchestrale più intellegibile. Poi il servizio di PlayStereo è impeccabile, amichevole per qualsiasi richiesta telefonica, consegna garantita il giorno dopo. Tutto perfetto, bravi !!!

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