Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck Turntable (base w/o arm)

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Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck Turntable.

Tom Fletcher has been designing and manufacturing turntables for over thirty years, and this latest incarnation of his Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck is a superb transcription tool. You'll not find a more passionate advocate of analogue audio than he, and this enthusiasm extends to every small detail of the deck's design - which is brilliantly complete.

It boasts rather unusual construction - three seperate pillars resting on a composite resin turntable platform (which measures 360mm deep, 455mm wide, and 50mm thick) are used to obviate any airborne or structure borne vibration. The turntable is placed on top of this platform along with the seperate, offboard motor.

Sonically, the key defining characteristics of the Spacedeck are space, speed and evenness. It's a particularly open, expansive and dimensional deck with real rhythmic aplomb. You'll not find the generous 'vinyl-like' euphony of the Linn here, or the slight warmth of the Origin Live - rather it displays rifle-bolt precision which music fans will love.

A fine example of an exceptionally capable engineer's art.

Overall weight: 39 lbs
Bearing: Single point admiralty bronze
Dimensions: 18w x 14d x 8h

The drive motor mounted in a separate encapsulated base with adjustable height. Anti-vibration base included. The applicability of the various arms deals with both the corporate and other specialized companies. Optional ability to install the second arm on the left side, the AC waveform and a set of heavy kit (heavy graphite overlay on a plate and set the basis for increasing the arm). Plate gravity cast iron with a very high inertia. Additional damping resonances plate using special rubber rings.

Space Deck The Space Deck is the "sensible" starting point for someone wishing to slowly build up to an ultra-high performance turntable. By eventually adding the "heavy kit" (and additional platter element) and the Wave Mechanic outboard power supply, performance can be improved as budgets allow.

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Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck Turntable (base w/o arm)

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