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The most actual Aurorasound design is the fabulous phono preamplifier called VIDA MKII (Vinyl Disk Amplifier).

It has been 10 years since we announced the phono equalizer amplifier VIDA. Thanks to its sound quality, performance, and design, it has been recognized in the world as the world's first LCR-type, semiconductor-type and unique product. (Japan, USA, UK, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Australia, etc.) Based on the opinions, feedback, market performance, etc. from customers in each country, here is the successor model VIDA- It has evolved into MkII.

There are no major changes to the exterior design, as we have determined that this design is complete and there is no room for improvement. However, various refinements have been made to the interior and functions.

In particular: Internal circuit, PCB, PSU, specifications and sonic performance have been refined. Among other things the L/R channel separation improved +6dB, THD+N factor improved from 0.028% to 0.012%, new amp modules (gold-plated, developed for the VIDA Supreme), inputs for 2 MC or 2 MM cartridges at the same time (or 1 each) and the US version now comes standard with a 6-position impedance selector switch for MC on the backside.


- Uses the same LCR type RIAA equalizer circuit as the previous model. L = Inductor, C = Capacitor, R = Resistance

- Basic performance as an inductor (L), further low equivalent DC resistance value is carefully selected to improve the Q value Sweden Lundard, aurora sound special custom RIAA inductor 4 adopted (low range + high range / stereo)

- Adopts the same discrete aurora amplifier module as the high-end model VIDA-Supreme in the amplifier section of the latter stage.

- Newly developed printed circuit board that is resistant to external noise by optimizing the signal path, eliminating the internal wiring harness and functionally arranging the amplification section and control section.

With the above improvements, a richer midrange, tight and clear low range, and calm high range are realized.

His channel separation of L / R is improved by 6dB (double) to achieve further stereoscopic reproducibility.

Total harmonic distortion + noise performance improved from 0.025% to 0.012% by about 2 times, improved long-term stability resistant to temperature and secular changes


- Change phono input from MC / MM selection to Phono-1.Phono-2

- Change gain and input load to MC / MM selection method

- With these, flexible correspondence such as MC 2 system, MM 2 system, MC / MM became possible.

- The well-established MUTE SW has been changed to OMRON to further improve the operability.

- Solid brass + rhodium plated for RCA jack (same as VIDA)

- Inheriting various options supported by VIDA as they are

Front panel

Power supply unit

For the external power supply unit, we have newly developed a printed circuit board with the optimum arrangement of each component and the signal path.

There is no change in power capacity or size.

Connection diagram

Key features:

  • Adopted LCR type RIAA device. Unlike conventional NF & CR type for RIAA curve, VIDA uses L (coil) to generate precise RIAA curve, resulting in much fulfilling midranges.
  • With use of the latest semiconductor devices and discrete amplifier circuit, it achieved a complete DC circuit design. As a result, capacitors in the signal path were completely eliminated.
  • High resolution in the low frequencies and reduced distortions, it enables you to enjoy vivid music hall atmospheres coupled with the players positioning on the stage.
  • A large-size MUTE switch together with other functions are aligned in the front panel for improved man-machine interface for user-friendly operation.
  • High S/N ratio was achieved with use of an external power supply unit, having extremely stable and super low-noise and high–speed circuits.
  • Compatible with MC and MM type cartridges. High/Low Impedance Selector switch on the front panel.

Useful functions for analog playback...
MC/MM Selector, MC Impedance Selector, Direct/Subsonic Filter, Stereo/Mono Selector, and demagnetizing function are featured. All the functions plus a large-size mute switch are placed on the front panel for user-friendly configuration. Each selector uses a sealed small-size signal relay for high reliability and stability. Also, highly durable rhodium plated RCA terminals are employed to ensure very low level signal paths are warranted without any loss.

Precision DC circuit with the latest semiconductor technology...
...eliminated all capacitors in the signal path. It enabled a completely flat frequency response without any coloration across the entire audible range. The active DC servo circuit permits absolutely stable outputs regardless of fluctuations in the inputs and operating temperature. Especially, resolution and distortion in low frequency are improved significantly, therefore, you will be able to even sense and feel the atmosphere of the music hall, performers and the staging. The power supply uses toroid transformer, Schottky barrier diode which allows ultra-low noise. Any leakage flux noises are completely eliminated with use of a separate power supply by employing high-speed semiconductor-based stable power supply circuit.

LCR Type RIAA device...
Unlike conventional NF and CR type, an ideal circuit design with constant impedance LCR-type RIAA circuit is used. As a result, across the entire frequency range, RIAA curve correction is achieved with constant condition. In the past, vacuum tubes were used with a large chassis, but VIDA managed in a compact size thanks to the latest semiconductor technologies. Each component is placed according to the signal flow in symmetrical and the shortest route. The equalizer circuit uses the renowned Swedish Lundahl filter-coil, which is widely used in the professional equipment, for turnover and roll-off independently.

Small signals recorded on the vinyl disc must be precisely restored to a flat response using (L) coil and CR network circuit, which go through the RIAA curve having attenuated lows and boosted highs. At the same time, it must be amplified by roughly 1,600 times (In case of MC cartridges). Since amplification is very large, any noises from the power supply and the circuits must be reduced to the possible minimum. VIDA managed to achieve very high S/N ratio due to a careful selection of the components, circuit design and PC board pattern configurations.

- Highly Commended Award by Hi-Fi News magazine (UK) May 2013 Best Buy and Critics Applause Award by "Stereo Sound" magazine winter 2012
- Technology of the Year 2012 Award by "MJ Musen-to-Jikken" magazine Dec. 2012
- Analog Grand Prix 2013 Award by "analog" magazine winter 2012
Audio Excellence 2013 Award by "Audio Accessory" magazine winter 2012

Nick Tate, Hi-Fi News UK (May 2013) concluded: NEW!
"...this quintessentially Japanese slice of analogue exotica is artfully engineered to give a coruscatingly incisive and detailed sound, yet one that’s genuinely musical too. Impressively devoid of noise, it provides a wide open window onto the vinyl groove yet it never sounds coldly forensic or overly romantic. The VIDA should win many friends here, as it already has in Japan..." Read the entire review

Kohji Yamamoto, Stereo Sound Japan (Fall 2012) wrote:
"...stunning three-dimensional, excellent depth - it makes each tone fuller and richer... It produced not only tight drums and bass but also a massive scale and spectrum which you could almost feel vivdly with your hands... I was impressed with the spatial dimension in which vocals and chorus harmonized togehter. The realistic illustration of percussion was also astonishingly impressive. I fell in love with this phono stage amplifer immediately, I personally recommend the VIDA to those who would like to seriously indulge in analog playback." Read the entire review

Mal Kenney, Part-Time Audiophile - THE Show Newport Beach (June 2013):
"’s dead quiet, it soundstages about as well as any solid state, and it has the propulsive impact that only LCR stages seem to bring to the table. On top of that, it’s small, it’s friendly, and it’s adjustable from the front panel. I’ve heard this a few times now, and its signature is one of easy authority..."

Customer Feedback:
"...price is ridiculously low. Yes, without a doubt. This is a true 'high-end' phono-stage, at middle of the road pricing. I genuinely doubt there is any worthwhile competition, even at twice the price of the Vida..."

"...vivid, rich tones, beautifully reproduced, without the slightest hint of grain or etched upper frequencies, often associated with solid state phono stages. Solid bass notes and captivating midrange shone out from a completely silent background... vocals were a joy and acoustic music had that 'right there' in the room sound... one day, I really must check that there are no valves inside, such is the richness and smooth delivery of music that the Vida provides..."


- Input: Phono-1/Phono-2

- MC/MM switching:

MC gain 65 dB Load impedance Low / High selection, 15 Ω or more / or less

MM gain 40 dB load impedance 47 kΩ fixed

- Output: RCA, rated 2Vrms, output impedance 910Ω

- RIAA edition difference: 10Hz ~ 20kHz +/- 0.25dB

- THD + N: 0.012% @ 1kHz MC A-Weighted

- Input conversion noise: 138dBV MC input short

- Channel separation: 90dB or more, @ 10kHz

- Various functions:

MC/MM switching, MC impedance switching

Stereo/Mono., Subsonic Filter, Degauss (cartridge degaussing function)

Power supply voltage 100V 50/60Hz

- Size

Main body W260mm x D250mm x H100mm Approximately 2.8kg

Dedicated power supply W114mm x D200mm x H70mm Approx. 1.4kg

Aurora sound at a glance.

Aurorasound is a company from Yokohama, Japan. Designer and director Shinobu Karaki has 28 years expierience working for Texas Instruments Japan Inc. He is also a passionate musican, music teacher and an audiophile first grade since many years. His love to music, trained ears and extensive know-how in electronics and integrated circuits makes Mr. Karaki the ideal person to design high-end audio devices.

In demo at PlayStereo Studio and other authorized dealers.

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Aurorasound VIDA mkII Phono Preamplifier

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