Aurorasound AFE-11 RIAA Converter


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The RIAA Converter AFE-11 converts an output signal of CD player or DA converter to RIAA recording curve of vinyl disks.

AFE-11 output signal is equal to MM cartridge signal, so external phono stage amplifier will reproduces it to original flat signal.

AFE-11 deletes digital noise and unnecessary high frequency noise of CD or DA converter signal. And external phono stage amplifier will make its sound characters, then digital audio sound will changed to analog taste sound. AFE-11 has very low noise and superlow distortion design, so no sound degradation.

Why this kind of useless and meaningless process is needed?Additional process must make sound worse,doesn’tit?Yes, it is not wrong. 

But we are listening MUSIC by audiosystem. AFE-11 never make music worse. AFE-11 draws a core of music and reveals an essence of recoding materials.

We recommend AFE-11 for those people who love analog disk and stopped to listen digital audio source. You would enjoy your CD library by your phono stage amplifier with AFE-11 again. People who are tired of improvement only trend, I recommend to try AFE-11 and discover another joy of audio. To compare direct CD sound and AFE-11 sound, AFE-11 equips parallel output terminals.

AFE-11 is useful to evaluate DIY phono amp and check RIAA equalizing performance without special measurement tools.

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Aurorasound AFE-11 RIAA Converter

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