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MM Expander AFE-10

There are many variation of MM cartridges, but MM input of phono stage amplifiers are fixed 47kohm load impedance, and also load capacitance is fixed. These cases, vintage MM cartridge, monaural MM cartridge and high output level MC cartridge are not good fit to it, sometimes peaky high and rough sound. his MM Expander AFE-10 can adjust appropriate load impedance of resistance and capacitance in order to bring out potential performance of those cartridges. This MM Expander is a high-quality passive unit, does not need power supply. 

Technical & operating details

1. Select appropriate load impedance of resistance and capacitance for MM cartridge, in order to bring out its potential performance.

2. This load impedance select is effective for not only MM, VM, MI and IM type cartridges, but also high output level MC cartridges.

3. To listen a monaural LP disk by stereo cartridge, Mono. position cancels the vertical vibration and pick up the lateral only. This reduces unnecessary vertical signal, then makes strong and very low noise mono sound.

4. In the case of some monaural cartridge, head shell and cable wiring may invite hum noise due to ground loop. GND list switch will cut the ground loop and take off the hum noise.

5. Load impedance adjust is effective for Step Up transformer of MC cartridge, too.

6. Large size MUTE button is convenient when down/up cartridge to play/change disks.

7. MUTE button is effective to degauss both of Step Up transformer of MC cartridge and MC cartridge same time.

8. Employ precision and high reliability rotary switch of measurement system. Use 1% grade TAKMAN metal foil resistors and WIMA film capacitors parts.

Note :

1. To obtain correct number of resistance, please connect to MM input of phono stage amplifier that load impedance is 47kohm.

2. Do not care about capacitance number of phono stage amplifier. This MM Expander just adds capacitance value of indicated.

3. Resistance and capacitance value will be affected by residential value of connection cable. So please be not so much nervous, Just select your favorite sound by your listening perception.

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Aurorasound AFE-10 MM Expander

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Perfetto in coppia con Aurorasound PRIMA VIDA Prima

Lo stadio fono Aurorasound VIDA Prima è un gioiellino, ma non fidatevi di me - ha vinto i più prestigiosi premi internazionali, le recensioni online sono uniformemente entusiaste e il signor Ventura saprà parlarvene meglio di quanto potrei fare io.
Quello che posso dirvi è che accoppiarci il AFE-10 MM Expander è una mossa vincente. Posto fra il vostro giradischi e il VIDA-Prima, è totalmente passivo e dal momento in cui lo collegate sentite immediatamente la differenza che apporta: tutto è più nitido, composto, preciso.
Ho un lettore SACD Pioneer PD-70AE e posso dirvi che da quando ho aggiunto stadio fono e questo MM Expander al mio MoFi UltraDeck +M il suono analogico supera in resa di quello digitale.
Grazie PlayStereo!

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