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The MT510 is an MC transformer designed for low-impedance MC cartridges that have an impedance of 12 ohms or lower and can be combined with most low-impedance MC cartridges.

Both MC transformers and head-amps are very important devices that amplify the weak signals sent from an MC cartridge. We strongly recommend using an MC transformer rather than a head-amp.

The reasons include its electrical advantages, such as low noise (being an amplifier, the head-amp includes an amplifier component, which has an inevitable impact on the accompanying noise levels), and the fact that MC cartridge signals are received not as voltages but as electrical power. However, the most important reason is the impression of auditory sensation they produce: MC transformers, which do not require an amplifier component (or feedback circuit), produce a clean sound. However, there is a considerably important precondition. If an MC transformer is strongly biased, coloration of the tone occurs. Therefore, a high-quality an unbiased MC transformer must be used. Herein, we proceeded with the development of NOBALA based on this concept.

The Nobala MC transformer is already commercially available.
Nobala uses the most ideal structures and materials and compromises nothing.
We have the utmost confidence in this product.
Specifically, when Nobala is combined with our MC cartridge, Sumile, they become most effective.
Of course, Nobala is highly effective with cartridges other than just our MC cartridges.
However, much time and effort were spent on multiple tests to perfect the Nobala and Sumile combination.
Taking design into account, we developed the MT510 so that it can be combined with as many cartridges as possible.

This is an important part used to protect weak signals from a cartridge.
The MT510 protects signals in a three-layer structure (as it does in Nobala).
The transformer is covered with an aluminum plate.
This in turn is covered by a 1.6-mm-thick iron enclosure (though the base is 2.3 mm thick).
Furthermore, this is all protected by an aluminium panel with a thickness of 8 mm.

Parts used
Terminals for signal input and output were NEUTRIK RCA connectors.
Grounding terminal is the same as those in Nobala.
The transformer is different from that of Nobala and was newly designed for the MT510.
Manufacturing of the transformer and processing and assembling of the MT510 are all performed in Japan.

Controlling sound with damping material
The transformer within the enclosure is fixed with damping materials.
This suppresses the sound of metal (squeaking).

The MT510 is designed to be highly resistant to external noises.
This would be useful, for example, when the power supply unit of a turntable is nearby.

Technical Data

Frequency Response60~58,000Hz
Boost Ratio25db
Internal Impedance12Ω or less (cartridge impedance)
Weightabout 1.8kg

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Murasakino MT510 MC Transformer Step-Up

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