Rothwell MC1 Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer

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The MC-1 moving coil step-up transformer is an audiophile transformer designed to raise the output moving coil pickup cartridges to the level of moving magnet cartridges, This allows high quality mc cartridges to be used with phono stages which are primarily designed for mm cartridges. Most valve phono stages for example are mm only.

To achieve the best signal/noise ratio site the transformer away from large mains transformers (as found in power amps) and use good quality screened interconnects with low capacitance, preferably no longer than 1 metre, between transformer and phono stage. Rothwell River interconnects are ideal.

Despite the proliferation of moving coil phono stages available today (both onboard and outboard), many people still believe that a good step-up transformer and a moving magnet phono stage is the best way to handle a moving coil cartridge. If you want to use a valve phono stage with a moving coil cartridge, a step-up transformer is really the only way to get an acceptable performance and signal/noise ratio. So, why are there so few moving coil step-up transformers available? Because they're difficult to design and expensive to produce. However, when done properly, the performance is unsurpassed.

The Rothwell MC-1 Step-Up Transformer is now available to give superb performance with low output MC cartridges (0,3mV - 0,6mV recommended output level). Bandwidth is wide and flat with particular attention paid to transient response. Mu-metal screening keeps external magnetic interference to the absolute minimum to give the best signal/noise ratio possible. Dimensions (mm.): 100 x 155 x 60.


- Audiophile passive hand-wired transformers circuit and Mu-metal shielding against electro-magnetical interferences
- RCA high quality 24k gold plated connectors
- Wima capacitors and high precision resistors
- Gain: 22dB (x 12.9)
- Recommended cartridges output voltage: 0,3mV - 0,6mV
- Dimensions (mm.): 100 x 155 x 60
- Manufactured in England
- Input impedance: 100 ohms
- Optimum load impedance: 47k ohms + 150pF
- Bandwidth: 5Hz - 36kHz

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Rothwell MC1 Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer

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ottimo !

ottimo !

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ottimo step up collegato ad un audio research ph5 a 47K e una lyra dorian,
con un ulteriore guadagno di 20 db c'e' un effetto piu' live e il solco piu'

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