KAB Pre-Con LP Line-Phono Converter


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Pre-Con LP Converter: Burn-in Your Phono Stage Using Any Source.

The KAB PreCon LP Level Converter makes it easy to burn-in your phono stage or to test phono preamp accuracy. The PreCon is a precision reverse RIAA level converter; it changes high-level output signals to low-level RIAA equalized phono signals. The PreCon converts the high voltage output of your CD player to a lower voltage compatible with most phono stages.

Simply connect the PreCon between your CD player and your phono stage and you'll be able to play CDs through your system without overloading the input.

Perfect for burning in your phono stage or phono cable without putting hours on your precious stylus.

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KAB Pre-Con LP Line-Phono Converter

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