HANA/AUX Set of Accessories for Hana Cartridges


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Set of screws, round nuts, teflon washers, with mini-screwdriver and soft, long-hair Stylus brush, original spare part of the accessory set included with any Hana Cartridge. 


  • n. 2 Screws
  • n. 2 Round nuts
  • n. 2 Teflon washers
  • n. 1 Soft long-hair brush for Stylus cleaning
  • n. 1 mini Screwdriver

Introduction to Hana and product details

Hana Cartridges are made by Excel Sound Corporation, coming from a 40 years of fascinating history of Japanese analogue cartridges. 

The Hana cartridges by Excel, featuring the low and high output versions of their E Series and the S Series are very important products in the further development of the analog market. 

Excel has always been one of the key “behind the scenes” Japanese cartridge manufacturers and many audiophiles have no doubt owned an Excel-made cartridge under one of their various OEM brands (including Benz Micro’s entry level models; MC Gold and Silver). 

When an OEM house distributes their own brand, they reserve their best efforts for themselves:

  • Hana, translated as “brilliant and gorgeous”, represents Excel’s best materials, including alnico magnets, cross-shaped armatures, and proprietary manufacturing processes. They have excelled at creating MC cartridges noted worldwide for their sound and value, which retain their “musical magic” regardless of the phono stage.
  • Weighting only 5 grams, they possess great tracking ability, and are  available in both “L” low and “H” high output versions.
  • Hana EL and EH cartridges represent the best way to upgrade from “starter” cartridges that come packaged with turntables. Instead, the SL and SH models can be a very specific choice when when an audiophile and analogue enthusiast is looking for a terrific quality-price ratio product to be installed on an important turntable/tonearm set-up. 

In detail, how do they sound? Normally an MC cartridge of this already moderate price tends to not to be balanced and show irregularities and coloured highs. None of that with the HANA’s, timbre is perfectly smooth and natural, transparent and armonically complete, with a great sense of “real”. 

The High-output models sound slightly more airy, while the low output ones are on the neutral side. 

The distinctive Moss Green body of the EL and EH models houses a sophisticated generator with aluminum cantilever and elliptical stylus. The Hana SL and SH models, distinguished by their black body, provide tighter channel balance, greater channel separation, and improved high-frequency extension as well as an upgraded Shibata stylus. 

Introduction to M Deluxe Series – Aspiring towards affordable perfection

Now, building upon the foundation of the critically acclaimed HANA sound, we introduce our new “M” Series deluxe model moving coil cartridge. Available in high and low output versions, this evolutionary new class leading model continues the HANA tradition by featuring higher specification parts, advanced materials, unique technical treatment and superior mechanical interface. 
Excel Sound manufactures all the major parts, producing affordable cartridges with an excellent sound quality. Specialized tooling improves the price/quality ratio, with manufactured parts designed for maximum performance and consistency. Excel’s experienced craftsmen skillfully hand assemble all the parts into an excellent finished product, producing the consistently “Brilliant and Gorgeous” HANA sound.

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HANA/AUX Set of Accessories for Hana Cartridges

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