Power Cable Schuko/IEC Terminated 1.80m based on Duelund DCA16GA 600V

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Power Cable Terminated with Schuko/IEC Plugs based on Duelund DCA16GA 600V Tinned Copper Multistrand polycast sleeving Power Cables, 1.80meters length

Suitable for all electronics and particularly for signal sources and devices with low to medium power consumption (CD players, DACs, preamplifiers, etc.). The 16GA 600V is more transparent and clear, with greater presence on nuance.

The "old school" Duelund conductor based on the legendary Western Electric WE16GA cable & Duelund philosophy in multi strand tinned copper is capable to recreate a sonic presentation without any confusion, free from unnatural artefacts. Did you ever asked for a power cable fine, open and "live" but harmonically complete? Equipped with sonic glory, palpable sound and transparency? And that it also has an honestly affordable price? This cable has these characteristics and is also suitable for enhancing important listening systems.


  • Conductor: about 6 meters in total of Duelund DCA16GA 600V - Multistrand Tinned Copper, stainless
  • Internal conductor coating: Polycast
  • External coating: Cotton sheath 
  • Connectors: Good Quality Schuko and IEC Plugs Rhodium or Gold plated at your choice
  • Power Cable Lenght termninated with Schuko/IEC Plugs: 1.80m

The Conductor

Constructed from the popular Duelund DCA16GA tin-plated copper multistrand but sheathed in the thermoplastic resin compound that emulates Duelund`s CAST process as used in their capacitors and inductors. Thus making it suitable for power applications with a DC rating of 600Vs. The Conductor is 16 AWG made up of 26 strands of 0.25mm diameter strands. Superb for internal wiring your hi-fi equipment on the DC line or for making up your mains cable.

DCA16GA: External diameter 2.75mm, internal diameter 1.3mm.

The current rating is 16A at 35 degrees C

The Duelund DCA16GA 600V – The latest in the range of wires based on the legendary vintage Western Electric WE16GA cable, but using Duelund's philosophy of uncompromising craftsmanship and construction, sonic splendour, palpability, and transparency, can be used as power cable conductor.

This version has been designed for POWER CABLE applications.

Multistrand polycast sleeving Power Cable – among enthusiasts recognised as the go-to wire for “REAL” sound. The Cable will be delivered internally blandly braided like in the image. 

NOTE: The Cable needs of a burn-in period of about 400 hours prior to give the complete result. To purchase the burn-in service, please click here.


A window to Duelund Coherent Audio


To provide the highest quality audio componentry without any regards to cost or accepted “truths”. All products are made with a prevalence of natural materials for the optimum reproduction of the recorded signal. Our products differ from the normal approach by not hailing cost cutting as technical developments. Rather than marketing flashy audiophile gimmicks, we focus on the inside of audio components, where quality is unquestionably rewarded.

Mr. Steen Aa. Duelund

For more than 35 years, Mr. Steen Aa. Duelund tirelessly worked towards sonic perfection in audio design. As a result of this, enthusiasts and connoisseurs widely acknowledge his capacitors, inductors, resistors and cables as the world’s finest. Today these components feature in High End loudspeakers, electronics and custom crossovers around the world.

We at Duelund Coherent Audio are proud to continue his strive towards perfection. We take great pride in the fact that Duelund capacitors, inductors, resistors and cables are universally known for their uncompromising craftsmanship and construction, sonic splendour, palpability and transparency.

The legacy of Mr. Duelund is to never accept compromise.

Duelund Coherent Audio

The product range

Duelund Coherent Audio offers an expanding range of copper and silver wire in various forms of nonplastic natural dielectrica.

Standard models include:

- Silver silk in oil wire

Our top of the line series, available in 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 models.
A flat silver ribbon wrapped in silk and impregnated in oil. The original Steen Duelund cable. In our humble opinion the best hook up wire available today.

- DCAXGA – A wire originally born of the desire to improve upon legendary studio vintage cabling.

Tinned copper multistrand wire in a cotton and oil dielectricum – among enthusiasts recognised as the go to wire for “REAL” sound.

Available in standard awg: 20GA, 16GA, 12GA. Also available as solid core 26GA

- DCAXGA600V – Same wire configuration as DCAXGA in a 600v PolyCast sleevee for higher voltage use.

Available in standard awg: 20GA, 16GA, 12GA.

- Silver cotton in oil wire 0.4mm

A thin round silver wire measuring 0.4mm wrapped in cotton and impregnated in oil – absolutely perfect for delicate signals duty.

- Copper cotton in oil wire 0.8mm

Solid core copper wrapped in cotton and impregnated in oil – omni applicable.

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Power Cable Schuko/IEC Terminated 1.80m based on Duelund DCA16GA 600V

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