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Hi, I'm Gerardo Ventura and I believe I have to introduce you in detail this very special product.

As many know, I'm very careful to insert special power cables on my systems because I always noted that a lot of special power cables on the market introduce sneaky and heavy side effects on sound: they tend to "dry" harmonics of human voices and acoustic instruments, and make the sound aggressive. When the music reproduction is deprived of harmonics, the original timbre vary and the final result has lost credibility, atmosphere, emotion. 

ISOL-8 is the firm directed by Mr. Nic Poulson, the English "magician" of analogue amplifiers, already owner of Trilogy Audio, the brand that make amplifications of amazing musicality, just considered within the best today available in UK, like the 915R/995R preamp-power amp set-up and the 925 integrated. Well, Trilogy includes STANDARD in the 915R/995R box a set of special power supply cables ISOL-8 IsoLink Wave, subject of this introducing.

For this reason, I was very excited to test the ISOL-8 Wave, and they have met the expectations.  

The IsoLink Wave provides completness and refinement, dynamic, dimensionality, and breath to the sound without affecting harmonics, timbre, and particularly without being "aggressive". In short, a power cable that is minimal, well built and well sounding. I unreservedly recommend it. For superior results, please take a look at the ISOL-8 IsoLink Ultra model.  

ISOL-8 IsoLink Wave Power Cable Schuko/IEC plugs

The IsoLink Wave is suitable for use in any high performance Hi-Fi or AV application. Each aspect of its design and construction has been carefully considered to keep sound quality high whilst keeping the price competitive.

At the heart of the cable are high purity copper, silver plated live and neutral conductors which are insulated with PFA polymer. PFA has a very low dielectric absorption similar to PTFE and has excellent long term stability.

The jacket is a high quality synthetic rubber elastomer providing excellent mechanical damping and vastly superior electrical characteristics to PVC, commonly used at this price point.

Quality branded rewirable connectors are specified for excellent electrical performance and reliable termination.

Designed and Made in the UK.


IsoLink Wave EU:ABL Plug + Schurter IEC connector.
Lenght:1.5 meters
Diameter:10mm O/D
Product weight:0.2Kg (1.5M UK)
Shipping weight:0.8Kg
Mains voltage:100 - 260VAC
Cable rating:15 Amps

Welcome to Isol-8.
World Leaders in Performance Power Conditioning.

Isolate, Ī SŌ-lāt, v.t. to render free from external influence

Designed and manufactured  in the UK, we supply the finest power conditioning and distribution equipment for hi-fi and audio visual systems. If you are looking for power management, a simple performance lift or you are chasing the state-of-the-art, we can provide the best solution for you.


There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to effective power conditioning. We know this through many years of development and hard won experience.

We offer a range of products so you can benefit from the optimum solution for your system. A good rule of thumb is to spend 10% of your system cost to optimise your power supply. 

Why Condition Your Mains Supply?

The purpose of any high fidelity system is to take you as close as possible to the original performance.  We strive to reduce the compromises involved and get closer to the emotion, closer to the music.

Each component in our system is an imperfect link in a chain, transforming the energy it receives from one form to another and eventually on to us.

The most fundamental, most overlooked link in the chain is the power supply, the source of our systems energy. We plug into the wall, the device works and we take it for granted. Mains power is in fact the start of the chain, the very foundation on which the music is built and is worthy of greater scrutiny.

To see how our mains conditioning products can transform your system visit our website or contact us for details of your nearest specialist dealer.

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ISOL-8 IsoLink Wave High Resolution Power Cable

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Cavo di alimentazione da acquistare ad occhi chiusi!

Ho acquistato due cavi Isol-8 IsoLink Wave, uno per l'alimentatore esterno del mio amplificatore Euphya Symbiose 3.10 ed uno per un lettore universale Oppo BDP-105. Quello che impressiona, oltre alla qualità costruttiva del cavo stesso, è la reale stabilità del segnale, più pulito, più espressivo, direi quasi più "live". Soprattutto nell'ascolto del mio sistema hi-fi che ha nell'Euphya Symbiose 3.10 il suo motore pulsante ho notato un suono sempre naturale, composto, mai sbilanciato e mai stancante.
Per il rapporto qualità/prezzo è difficile pensare di trovare di meglio! Come da titolo: acquistare senza il minimo indugio, non ve ne pentirete!

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Cavo di straordinario rapporto qualità/prezzo

Spinto dalla curiosità sulle parole espresse dal Sig. Gerardo Ventura e da tempo in attesa di sostituire i cavi di alimentazione Shunyata Copperhead delle mie Martin Logan ho deciso di acquistarli. Ho aspettato un po’ prima di scrivere per essere più sicuro. Devo dire che è stata una decisione felice! Difatti il suono viene riprodotto in modo più naturale , più dal vivo , con tridimensionalità, profondità’ e armoniche. Un prodotto da consigliare.

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