Acoustic Revive POWER SENSUAL-TripleC 18000 Power Cable (1.5m cut-sales)


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Acoustic Revive Hi-End Power Cable POWER SENSUAL-tripleC 18000. This is the new non-terminated version, available in cut-sales of 1.5 meters, of the multi-awarded Acoustic Revive POWER SENSUAL, now in the bettered version with the unique TripleC conductors. The same cable is available in factory-terminated version at the price of about 3.500 euros. So this cable is suitable to do it yourself a power cable of ***outstanding*** quality at a minimum price. 

Also the same Schuko/IEC plugs of the terminated version are separately available together with the sheet in pure carbon.

Price is for a cut-sale of 1.5 meters. To order more lenghts please insert the product in the basket in multiple quantities, we are going to send you a single cut of the desired total length. For different length in respect to the minimum 1.5m suggested please contact us. 

  • Single conductor surface 5.6sq
  • Total cable diameter 13,5mm
  • Single conductor diameter isolating sheet included 5mm

PC-tripleC conductor, single line of superiority
- Realization air insulation structure, the Teflon insulated by ultra-high CP price
- Copper foil shield, tourmaline impregnated sheath to prevent external noise

A world first ! By using traditional Japanese forging processes, a new ‘ultimate’ conductor has been produced.

Forging process
Copper is compressed to 70% by forging tens of thousands of times by gradual application of pressure with a fixed angle and direction. (The constant angle continuation transfer forging method). By using this forging process, the transverse crystal grain boundary changes and becomes more longitudinal, crystals now have consecutive connections which makes current flow extremely smooth.

In addition, by forging, the conductor density is dramatically improved by destroying the internal air grains. This, in turn, improves the conductivity and the acoustic signature of the copper.

A conductor section before forging process

Electric current flow: The crystal structure and grain boundaries that are formed in a transverse state are a disturbance to the electric current and signal transmission.

So the Crystals and grain boundaries that were in a transverse state are elongated and become more longitudinal when they are forged repeatedly in the same direction.

By further continuous forging, crystal structures and grain boundaries are subdivided and lined up longitudinally which generates a smoother signal transmission.

Annealing process after core-wire processing
PC-TripleC wire after "Continuous Crystal Construction" process is further processed by Transfer Forging method for thinner wire.Then Annealing process is carried out under a temperature and time control depending on a thickness of the wire.In result, crystals fuse each other and change into more consecutive crystal.


Acoustic Revive: Once you listen to it, you know the difference. The accessory and cable that not only changes sounds. The true accessory and cable manufacturer that revives the sound to most natural and real sound.

Our philosophy: "To take away nothing and to add nothing".
Our goal: "To purely transmit the original source signal and to emit the most realistic sound-stage into the listening room".

This is why we created ACOUSTIC REVIVE.

Acoustic Revive is a Japan producer of audio hi-end accessories and cables designed and engineered to obtain the best results today available. Construction quality is superb so they are also used in the major recording company.

The Japanese school of hi-end accessories for the fine optimization of an audio system, is here. Acoustic Revive takes audio tweaking very seriously, introducing materials and techniques extremely advanced:

- Using aerospace materials like the Duraluminium or physiological materials like natural quartz.
- Apply special material processing like the Japanese traditional forging process of "tripleC" cables technology.
- Doing deep cryogenic treatments that, modifying the molecule structure, better the signal transmission.
- Employ demagnetizing treatments, to cancel the influence of the magnetic fields.
- Dimension and design basing on the Gold Section.
- Introduce the so-called "virtual grounding" concept.

When an audio hi-end system is treated with Acoustic Revive accessories, it sounds more detailed, natural, smooth, and also more deep, powerful and dynamic. Every Acoustic Revive product is 100% "Made in Japan".

Please note that due to distribution agreements, the Acoustic Revive products can only be shipped within Italy.

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Acoustic Revive POWER SENSUAL-TripleC 18000 Power Cable (1.5m cut-sales)

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Cavo Acoustic Revive Power Sensual

Avevo già acquistato l'8800 con buona soddisfazione e ho deciso di implementare l'alimentazione del mio finale con un cavo ancora più performante. Il Power Sensual 18000 l'ho assemblato solo pochi giorni fa e sta suonando solo da 4 o 5 ore però è già chiaro il suo carattere: il suono ha preso ancora più corpo, il tutto è più dettagliato e armonioso. Non vedo l'ora di terminare queste 100 ore di rodaggio poi vi prometto una recensione più accurata. Play Stereo non si smentisce mai sul servizio impeccabile.

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Acoustic Revive POWER SENSUAL-tripleC 18000

Il cavo mi è stato recapitato da Playstereo dopo pochi giorni dall'acquisto, la scelta è stata effettuata dopo aver letto le recensioni su varie riviste specializzate estere e devo dire che, dopo averlo ascoltato a lungo, non presenta a livello timbrico, delle preferenze di gamma, neutro ed equilibrato il suo suono. In confronto al mio cavo di riferimento, di pari prezzo, "aggiunge" quel pizzico di ariosità che mancava al messaggio sonoro, smussa qualche asprezza in gamma alta e dona alla sezione bassa maggiore autorevolezza. Unico piccolo neo è la sua rigidezza che non mi ha permesso un assemblaggio facile dei connettori. Oggetto da riacquistare sicuramente.

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  1. Marco Valotto
    2020-09-15 12:38
    Buongiorno, sarebbe possibile sapere il prezzo per due cavi da 1m terminati + un cavo da 1m terminato del fratello minore 8800? Grazie in anticipo da un vs. affezionato cliente.
    • PlayStereo
      2020-09-16 10:50
      Gentile Marco, la preghiamo di contattarci direttamente al nostro indirizzo e-mail:

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