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Shinobu Karaki-san's brand new hybrid is out - the HFSA-01 Integrated Amplifier, utilizing EL84 valves with an output of 14 Watts per channel

"Hello, I'm Gerardo Ventura. There's nothing quite like it. At these levels (price and output power), there's nothing as musical. I would listen to it day and night. Perfect for Living Voice, excellent for any LS3/5a, and many, many other speakers. It's not just 14 Watts per channel. It's completely magical."

HFSA-01 is a hybrid pre-main amplifier utilizing the advantages of both vacuum tube and semiconductor. The tube EL84 delivers 14W + 14W power output. The model is equipped with bass and treble controls. The input stage has a built-in phono equalizer for MM-type cartridges, along with 3-channels of RCA unbalanced input terminals.

This model accepts speakers with 4-6 Ω to 8 Ω impedance. In addition, it has a headphone output.

HFSA-01 is designed with orthodox configuration, however, it fulfills the basic requirements such as sound quality and overall performance for a wide range source from high-resolution digital to analogue records that any generation and age demands. 

The retrò style front panel ornamented with Mahogany wood on both sides to enhance the retro appearance producing a rather relaxing atmosphere for more enjoyable audio life. 

Il pannello frontale di ispirazione retrò contiene due manopole che possono essere sostituite con manopole in legno di mogano (opzionale) per esaltare ulteriormente l'estetica vintage e produrre una atmosfera rilassante.   


The output vacuum tube EL84, a pentode equivalent to 6BQ5, is operated in push- pull configuration delivering extremely low distortion and excellent frequency characteristics with ultra- linear connections. The driver for EL84 is a well- known Texas Instruments OPA604A, a high precision audio Op-Amp. Aurorasound developed a perfect phase inverter circuit with OPA604A to drive the push-pull operation in the most ideal way. 

Editor's note. Dear music enthusiast, if you're used to turn up your nose regarding the use of Op-Amp devices, with Aurorasound you may sleep soundly: as well as in the ultra-talented VIDA Prima Phono Preamp, the use of Op-Amp chips does not produce any apparent downside; the result is not only balanced and natural but also throbbing, full of sensations, dynamic and subtle details, with emotion and atmosphere.

The tone-control section employs a CR-type for easy adjustments to achieve more rich bass and comfortable treble to meet listeners’ sound taste even with small-size speakers. 

NOTE: You will find free of charge included with the amplifier the optional front plate that allows to set the typical equalization curves suitable for the different types of vinyl recordings and not only: 78rpm records, DECCA, Lp-Columbia, AES and NAB. Also the CD digital signal may be compensated to obtain the perfect timbre balance (you may find the front plate in the image section).

The phono equalizer uses Linear Technology’s semiconductor to achieve an excellent S/N characteristic with NF-type circuit configuration. 

The power supply section is completely isolated between the vacuum tube and semiconductor to completely eliminating any interferences regardless of volume level and frequency range. The rectifier is of the super low noise Rohm’s silicon carbide diode. 

The output transformer and power supply transformer are custom designed by Aurorasound, and manufactured by a Japanese company. This model employs carefully selected high-quality capacitors and resisters, as well. 

Technical details

  • Mahogany wood side fender
  • Seismic isolation for vacuum tubes protection
  • EL84 Tubes Electro-Harmonix brand (simply replaceable opening the upper door, no bias setting required) 
  • DALE wire wounded resistor; PPR metal foil audio grade resistor
  • ALPS volume pot
  • Large size iron core transformers. Aurorasound custom design
  • Nichikon Electrolytic Capacitor WIMA film capacitors
  • ROHM Silicon carbide rectifier diode Texas Instruments, Linear Technology OPA604A, LT1028 OPAMP ICS
  • Solid aluminum foot insulators


  • Input: Phono-MM, Gain40dB, Cartridge load resistance 47kΩ, RIAA +/-1dB, RCA unbalance、CD, LINE-1, LINE-2
  • TONE Control: BASS+/-12dB, TREBLE  +/-12dB
  • Output: Max 14W+14W  at 8Ω speaker 
  • Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 40kHz, -3dB,  Tone Flat
  • THD+N: 0.08%, 1kHz,  2W,  A-weighted
  • SNR: 93dB, LINE  IN-OUT
  • Functions: TONE control pass DIRECT SW, Stereo/Mono, Headphones output
  • Wood knob set: option
  • AC voltage: Europe/Asia model AC220V, 240V
  • Power consumption: 150W
  • Size: W360xD320xH145mm max


Aurora sound at a glance.

Aurorasound is a company from Yokohama, Japan. Designer and director Shinobu Karaki has 28 years expierience working for Texas Instruments Japan Inc. He is also a passionate musican, music teacher and an audiophile first grade since many years. His love to music, trained ears and extensive know-how in electronics and integrated circuits makes Mr. Karaki the ideal person to design high-end audio devices.

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Aurorasound HFSA-01 Tube Stereo Integrated Amplifier


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Provato per alcuni giorni in sostituzione di un grande integrato EUPHYA di cui sono sempre innamorato,una volta in ascolto sono rimasto folgorato dalla sua musicalità allo stato puro,grande dinamica con i suoi 14 watt .

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La perfezione

Se volete un apparecchio stupendo,dove le specifiche tecniche passano in secondo piano,eccolo.
Ben fatto,pieno di fascino,versatile e.....potente per i suoi 14 watt.
Qualità del suono al top.
Se inserito in un contesto giusto e' definitivo.

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