Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier

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 Integrated Amplifier

PM6007 offre il suono più musicale di Marantz ed è la scelta ideale per coloro che sono pronti a fare il passo successivo con il loro sistema Hi-Fi a 2 canali. Alimentato da un trasformatore di potenza toroidale e condensatori di filtro personalizzati, l'amplificatore integrato PM6007 eroga 45 Watt (8 Ohm, 20Hz-20kHz) di potenza per canale. Potete facilmente collegare sia sorgenti analogiche che digitali oppure collegare il vostro giradischi al preamplificatore phono integrato nell’amplificatore. Ascoltate i vostri contenuti audio ad alta risoluzione preferiti tramite il convertitore D/A a 192 kHz/24 bit e sperimentate una riproduzione estesa delle basse frequenze grazie all’uscita per subwoofer.

Main features

  • Take your next step in Hi-Fi: the PM6007 integrated amplifier with current feedback technology has a power of 2 x 45 W (8 Ohm RMS, 20Hz - 20kHz) to offer a refined audio experience.
  • Meticulous and flawless optimization: During the long refinement process, Marantz sound masters carefully refine and curate each component to achieve optimum performance.
  • Wide range of connectivity: experience listening to high-resolution files to listen to music exactly as the artist intended through the gold-plated inputs: 5 analog inputs, one coaxial input and two optical digital inputs.
  • An Upgraded Audio Experience: The newly upgraded high quality AK4490 DAC offers richer sound for your entertainment.
  • Digital Filter for Optical/Coaxial Input: Hear a more refined audio experience to suit your taste with the new digital filter mode function.
  • Built for best performance: In addition to high quality speaker terminals with A / B switching, a fully shielded DAC, copper fixing screws and rigid footplates deliver faithful sound performance
  • Marantz proprietary HDAM-SA3 circuit: you will experience a wider dynamic range with less distortion of the output stage.
  • Advanced Thermal Compensation: No distortion memory for clean and precise audio reproduction even after powerful bass reproduction.
  • Custom components for more refined sound: The toroidal transformer and high-quality custom components offer exceptional sound quality.
  • Integrated Phono Input: Equipped with a high quality MM phono preamp with FET input to enjoy the best signal purity and sound of your favorite vinyls.
  • Deeper bass with a subwoofer output: Enjoy powerful bass by adding a subwoofer to match your bookshelf speakers, or extend the low frequencies further with the addition of floorstanding speakers.
  • Available in black or silver finishes

Current Feedback Amplifier

Current Feedback amplification technology offers wide bandwidth and ultra-fast sound reproduction. In combination with the high current power supply, the PM6007's amplifier section has a large power reserve to easily drive even the most demanding loudspeakers. Advanced thermal compensation avoids distortion memory for clean amplification under all circumstances.

Reference quality D/A converter for digital inputs

PM6007 features a new high resolution D/A converter. It features a Reference-class AK4490 D / A converter, offering resolution up to 192kHz/24bit for optimum fidelity with high-resolution audio files.

High Current Power Supply

The power supply uses high-current, high-speed Shottky diodes and high-current filter capacitors powered by a toroidal transformer which together offer a wide dynamic range and low-impedance driving capability.

Toroidal transformer

A toroidal transformer has several advantages over a normal EI transformer with a laminated core. The highly efficient design offers more power than an EI transformer of the same size. Furthermore, the shape of the toroidal transformer allows for low electromagnetic dispersion and less mechanical vibrations for better sound quality.
Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology

Marantz has developed its own discrete circuits to replace standard integrated circuits. Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) are composed of discrete surface mount components with short mirrored left and right signal paths. These modules have exactly the same function as operational amplifiers, but drastically surpass these solutions in terms of response speed and noise reduction, producing a more dynamic, precise and detailed sound.

In PM6007, the HDAM-SA3 circuit improves the performance of the previous module, and the stability of the quiescent current is less affected by the temperatures of the power transistor to maintain sound performance even at high output levels.

Extended connectivity for digital inputs (2 optical, 1 coaxial) with High Resolution audio support

One coaxial digital input and two optical digital inputs are now available to connect digital devices and play high resolution audio (PCM up to 192 kHz/24 bit) through the PM6007's advanced audio circuitry. The entire digital section is fully shielded by an additional metal housing unit to ensure that the digital stage has no effect on the analog signal.

Digital filter for optical/coaxial input

PM6007 introduces a new digital filter for optical and coaxial inputs. This two-mode filter (Filter1/Filter2) enables optimized reproduction of digital music content to your taste using the new AK4490 D/A converter. Filter 1 is a preset with a slow roll-off that improves the depth of the stereo image and Filter 2 is a filter with a sharper roll-off for more precise stereo image reproduction.

Subwoofer Output

PM6007 supports an optional external subwoofer with a fixed low pass cutoff frequency of 150Hz. Enjoy more precise bass without boost or cut, regardless of the subwoofer position.

Improved integrated phono input

Historically, Marantz integrated amplifiers have featured a high quality phono input stage. PM6007 remains faithful to this tradition, taking advantage of the newly developed circuit introduced with the PM7000N, which integrates a FET (field effect transistor) in the input stage. This technology offers high input impedance, eliminates the need for AC coupling capacitors, simplifies the signal path and reduces distortion and noise, greatly improving overall signal purity.

Audio-Grade Components for Sound

Marantz maintains a solid reputation for choosing the best possible components for its Hi-Fi products, and the PM6007 is built with the same Hi-Fi approach that puts performance first. Marantz engineers selected and improved the PM6007 over the previous PM6006 through in-depth listening in dedicated Marantz facilities in Europe and Japan using audio components optimized for high fidelity. For example, increasing the size of the power capacitors by 20% has improved stability during high-power listening sessions.

The most musical sound

Designed and extensively optimized by a team with over 65 years of Hi-Fi experience, PM6007 delivers exceptional performance for your audio collection. Be it digital or analog, enjoy the most musical sound from any source.


It all started in 1948 when Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) introduced the first mono long-playing (LP) records and sparked the public’s interest in quality music reproduction. One of those affected was music lover, freelance graphic artist and amateur musician: Saul Bernard Marantz, a native New Yorker born in 1911. Unhappy with equipment available at the time, Saul spent many hours in his basement constructing amplifiers to play his cherished LP collection. As today's products offer more functionality than ever and consumers demand an ever greater variety of designs, a key factor in satisfying consumer needs is the dealer. That's why Marantz carefully selects its dealers to ensure that the quality of the service they provide matches the quality of the products Marantz produces.

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Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier

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