SMSL SA400 Balanced FDA Amplifier 2x STA516B Bluetooth 5.0 2x230W 4 Ohm


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SMSL SA400 Balanced Class D FDA Amplifier 2x STA516B Bluetooth 5.0 2x230W 4 Ohm

Use two sta516be digital power amplifier chips, output 230W per channel at 4 ohm,easy to drive most speakers.

Using NJRC's electronic volume control chip NJW1195 from Japan, precise volume control and low distortion.

super bass preamp output for connecting active subwoofers to form a 2.1 audio system,-30 ~ +10dB adjustment range.

Built-in multiple EQ modes and treble / bass adjustment for easy matching of a variety of speakers and music.

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, suport APTX, better sound quality, longer transmission distance.

All aluminum alloy CNC precision processing shell, anodizing technology and chamfering process, exquisite workmanship and delicate touch.

Using color LCD screen and newly developed user interface, full-function remote control.

High quality gold-plated input and output terminals.

Perfect protection circuit for overheating, overcurrent, etc.

High quality power specially designed for audio.

High resolution integrated amplifier

The amplifier uses a solution of a digital control loop with feedback behind the output filter.

Aluminium alloy CNC machining process

Using anodising technology, fine workmanship, good touch!

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, support APT-X!

Better sound quality, longer transmission distance!

Powerful bass pre-amp output

The output is adjustable from -30 -+ 10dB, used to connect with a far-subwoofer speaker to form a 2.1 audio system!

Multiple EQ modes to satisfy your needs

The amplifier has 9 EQ modes including Direct, Tabebuia, Tone, SDB, Bass, Super Bass, Rock, Soft and Clear.

Treble and bass adjustment

Easily match various speakers and music.

2 separate high-power digital power amplifier chips

Use two separate digital power amplifier chips, output 230W per channel at 4 Ohms, easy to drive most speakers!

Electronic volume control

Japan’s NJRC company electronic volume control chip NJW1195, distortion as low as 0.0003%.

Low distortion 3 EQ control chip

Low distortion three sections EQ control chip NJW1119A, as low as 0.0002% distortion, to ensure the purity of the sound source.

Audiophile audio components

Extensive use of audiophile audio components to enhance subjective listening. Dedicated inductor for fully shielded digital power amplifier!

Excellent power system

Use a professional LLC resonant power supply that is more suitable for power amplifiers, matching active PFC circuit, advanced EMI filter network, using the power supply to output strong and stable, reduce the interference of the power grid.

Better performance, lower distortion

Distortion can be as low as 0.003%

Product typeFull digital Balanced Class D Amplifier
Amplifier chip and controller2x STA516B / 1x AX5689
Inputs1x Balanced XLR
1x Single-ended RCA
OutputsSpeaker terminals
1x Subwoofer output (RCA)
Channels separation94dB
Output power2x 230W @ 4Ω
2x 110W @ 8Ω
Housing materialAluminum
Dimensions210 x 48 x 235mm
Package1x SA400 Black
1x Bluetooth antenna
1x Remote
1x Schuko power cable

Introduction to SMSL Audio

SMSL Audio is a company specializing in audio DACs, headphone amplifiers, power amplifiers, digital interfaces and high fidelity players, with its own research, production and marketing team.

The brand has its own R&D center that designs high quality HiFi products that meet all needs. The reliability of their devices has allowed the brand to gain popularity and recognition in the audiophile world.

A bit of history...

SMSL Audio established in Shenzen, China in 2009. In 2014 SMSL started to use ESS DAC chips to design and manufacture Hi-Fi Audio DACs. In 2015 SMSL created the widely acclaimed "Panda Set". In 2016 we launched a new series of power amplifiers with Danish ICE-Power technology. And in 2017 the company expanded its sales channels outside China. In 2018 the flagship SMSL DAC D1 is launched. In 2019 we launched the first MQA DAC, model M500. In 2020, on the SMSL's 10th Anniversary, we started the production of our first two-way passive hi-fi speaker. To be continued...

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SMSL SA400 Balanced FDA Amplifier 2x STA516B Bluetooth 5.0 2x230W 4 Ohm

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