Korf Audio CB-A01 Ceramic Cartridge Spacer


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Fits all the tonearms that use the standard 1/2" (12.5mm) cartridge mounting system. If you are worried about the spacer's mass and its impact on tracking, please use our Tonearm/Cartridge Matching Calculator. Most arm/cartridge combinations work fine with CB-A01.
  • Single seamless casting, material: Alumina Ceramic
  • 1.5 mm thin
  • Weight 1.8 gram
  • Treat like thin glass!

What's included:

– CB-A01 Cartridge Spacer made from alumina ceramic 
– Credit card style packaging

Made From Alumina Ceramic
Our experience with ceramics enabled us to bring you this spacer a at an affordable price:

  • Single seamless piece of alumina ceramics
  • Light and incredibly strong: as rigid as steel at less than half the weight 
  • Spacers made out of carbon, metal etc also work—but do not offer an improvement of a ceramic one
  • Similar to 1980s Audio Technica AT633, but much better performing due to modern materials
Measurable Improvement
Some spacer sellers make fabulous claims, but have only flowery prose to back them up.

We measured the tonearm's resonances with our spacer and without it. The results are clear as day: CB-A01 essentially eliminates the headshell resonance. You will instantly hear the difference:

  • Less sibilance
  • More "air"
  • Better feeling of space
  • Better stereo separation and depth
  • More focused bass
Easy to Install
  • Simply slides between the cartridge and the tonearm's headshell
  • Easily installed and removed—no glue or other permanent connection
  • Fits all cartridges and tonearms with a standard 1/2" (12.5mm) mount

CB-A01 comes carefully packed in a special protective sleeve. Take care when removing the spacer from the packaging, it is quite fragile.

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Korf Audio CB-A01 Ceramic Cartridge Spacer

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