PlayStereo Cartridge Alignment Protractor


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To properly mount a phono cartridge, you need to be able to position it so that it remains tangent to the record grooves at all diameters. This is always a compromise. This gauge helps you to mount the cartridge to the headshell for the best compromise. This protractor is designed for records from 7 inch to 16 inch diameters. All other gauges are made for 12 inch LP records. Made from sturdy thin gauge cardboard. This instrument is cheap but accurate.

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PlayStereo Cartridge Alignment Protractor

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very cheap protractor

The protractor is printed on a really thin cardboard of low quality.
It came in a piece of cardboard that was longer than the box and then all crumpled.
I think the maximum value of the protractor is € 0.20.
You can download them better from the network.
I recommend the seller to make it downloadable online for free as a benefit for every online purchase.

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