KAB Electro-Acoustics USA Super Record Grip Mk2 Clamp w/level


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The newly redesigned KAB super record grip was designed to replace and improve upon the PIG clamp originally supplied with the Revolver brand turntables. This new design features a 2 peice precision molded frame, spring rubber insert and UHMW polyethylene non marring contact surface.This is especially useful on turntables where there is very little spindle to grab on to.

The KAB Super record grip reduces resonance and acoustic vibration of the record itself, freeing the stylus to do its intended job of tracing the groove. The result is better focus and detail to the soundstage.

The Super record grip attaches quickly; by turning with slight pressure, it "walks" down the spindle and meets the record surface.

The built-in bubble level shows turntable level at a glance to within 1 degree of accuracy.

Spring reinforced rubber insert holds onto the turntable spindle firmly.

The built in bubble level allows a quick check of turntable level. A level turntable balances the forces of the needle in the groove.

When the needle is resting in the record groove, the entire record surface behaves as a microphone picking up vibrations from the air and the turntable below. Damping the record surface reduces the affect of these "added vibrations" to the needle's already difficult job of reading the groove.

The really great features to take note of with the KAB super record grip is the ease of use and cost effectiveness.

The super record grip represents great value. Yet it is quite good at what it does and even has the added benefit of showing level at a glance, each time you use it. Keeping with the KAB philosophy that more is better, but it needn't cost more!

One issue to be sensitive to is turntables with light floating spring suspensions. You will have to push down some while applying the super record grip. It does not rely on weight.(it only weighs 2 Oz) Be sure your turntable can "Bottom Out" safely. If this is a concern, consult your turntable maker first.

[ In our opinion, if you can "bottom out" safely, the super grip is a better solution still over clamps that rely on weight, since they will change the operating height of your platter. ]

Effective Damping
Easy To Use
Better Bass
More Detail & Focus
Quick Check Level

Molded Phenolic
Color: Black
Footprint: 3"
Height: 1"
Weight: 2 Oz.
Max Spindle Height: 3/4"
Bubble Level Accuracy: 1°
Shipping Weight: 6 Oz.

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KAB Electro-Acoustics USA Super Record Grip Mk2 Clamp w/level

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