i-qual IQ1300A Vacuum Disk Mate


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Brand: i-qual


Principle and structure

i-qual IQ1300A is an exclusive Vacuum Disk Mat for turntables that allow to vacuum stick together the record to its location during the playing. 

The brilliant vacuum sticking process is done in seconds and you may play the record that is perfectly flat, stabilized and full pressure contact with the record mat. ( please see the explaining video).

The Sound

The Vacuum Disk Mate will provide dramatic improvements to the records imaging and sound staging. 

Warped Records

The Vacuum Disk Mate will reduce and remove the warp in most warped records expect for the most extreme. If the record is more than 3/8 of an inch warp the ring will flatten most of the warp but they may still be unplayable. Caution is advised.

i-qual as a glance

i-qual is a long established company that has been manufacturing industry in the area that supports manufacturing in Japan.
The strength of iqual is that they can produce very fine products with extremely high quality. 

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i-qual IQ1300A Vacuum Disk Mate

Last unit in stock

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