Korf Audio HS-A02 Moulded Ceramic Headshell


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Korf Audio HS-A02

Fits all the tonearms that accept the standard "SME/Ortofon/JIS" type straight headshells. If you are worried about the headshell mass and its impact on tracking, please use our Tonearm/Cartridge Matching Calculator. Most arm/cartridge combinations work fine with HS-A02.
  • SME/Ortofon/JIS type turntable headshell
  • Single seamless casting, material: Alumina Ceramic
  • Pure silver Litz connecting wires
  • Custom gold-plated contact pins
  • Custom non-magnetic brass mounting hardware
  • Double locating pin for extremely secure connection
  • Weight 13 gram, including wires and fingerlift
What's included:

– HS-A02 full ceramic headshell
– Pure silver litz wires
– Custom gold-plated contact pins and cartridge clips
– Brass fingerlift
– Screws in 3 lengths, knurled nuts, nylon washers
The World's Only Fully Ceramic Headshell
It's a single piece of alumina ceramic:

  • Light and incredibly strong
  • As rigid as steel at less than half the weight 
  • The headshell and the connector are one seamless casting 
  • No internal breaks or lesser materials 
  • Unique supporting rib minimizes resonances 

Advanced materials and construction make the headshell "disappear" sonically. You will hear what your cartridge and tonearm are really capable of!
Based on a Large Scale Study
We studied dozens of headshells to see what separates the best from the rest:

  • Quality headshells have high bending resistance. They are very stiff in bending and in torsion, showing low deflection
  • Quality headshells have low energy storage. They "ring" only for a short time, and have only one or two clearly defined own frequencies

We build our headshell 2-3 times stronger than the next best headshell we measured. While keeping the energy storage as low as the best headshells out there.
No Detail is Ever Insignificant
  • Pure silver litz wiring
  • Custom gold-plated contact pins
  • Double locking pin for a more rigid connection to the tonearm. The clamping load is spread over the entire diameter of the barrel
  • Beautiful custom-made brass fingerlift, screws and knurled nuts are included
  • Fully compatible. Fits all the tonearms that accept the standard "SME/Ortofon/JIS" type straight headshells
  • Supplied in sturdy display packaging
The Danish website Pladespilleren.dk tested the Korf headshell against some serious (and more expensive) competition. Here's what they say:

"Very smooth and with lots of details upwards a "clean" sound. There is a calmness in the upper octaves, but at the same time a very fast bottom that starts and stops. ... Overall, the Korf house is one of the most neutral and revealing I have heard. It can make even cheaper pickups perform their best. ... Definitely an excellent headshell."

"Yes, there is a sound difference in headshells, not just these three, but many others as well. I have long since stopped using headshells of pressed plate. The three headshells tested here all belong to the top. Taking the price into consideration the Korf HS-A02 is close to a best buy. Absolutely recommended."

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Korf Audio HS-A02 Moulded Ceramic Headshell

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