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The Audio Origami Spyglass is the perfect tool for checking your stylis without removing the cartridge from the arm.

Although simple in concept the playing of vinyl records can be greatly enhanced if proper care is taken of both the record and the equipment.

Here we shall deal with stylus care.
We all know that dust is the enemy of high fidelity reproduction when it comes to playing records and we all have our own way of cleaning our stylii, but how can you make sure your stylus is clean?

This is where the AO Magnifier comes into its own, the high magnification allows you to inspect the diamond very closely and the in-built LED illuminates the stylus to avoid eye strain and to ensure you miss nothing.

How To Open The Magnifier.
The Magnifier is opened by gently gripping the 2 triangles at one end of the Magnifier and gently pulling away from the main body.

The LED illuminates automatically when the lens is fully extracted and ready for use.
The LED also automatically turns off when you close the Magnifier. To close the magnifier, gently push the 2 halves towards each other so the lens slides into the body. There will be a slight click when the Magnifier is closed.

What Can I Expect To See?
When the Magnifier his held close to the cleaned stylus you will be able clearly see the condition of your stylus and decide if you have done a good job or need to clean it again.

Audio Origami at a glance

Who is Audio Origami? Audio Origami means the ex-Syrinx Scotland's audio wizard John Nilsen!

"The Audio Origami PU7 is one of the most advanced turntable tonearms in the world. It's also, obviusly, due to its high specifications, une of the most musical tonearms today available".

"Excellent tonearms from Scotland's audio wizard John Nilsen. This arm has grunt, deep soundstaging, with ebb and flow that will startle you". David Beetles, Hammertone Audio, Canada
"The PU7 is an awesome arm and every bit as good as, (if not better than - considering cost) the Linn Ekos SE".

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Audio Origami Spyglass Stylus Checking Tool

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L'ingrandimento dichiarato di 45X non corrisponde a quanto indicato sulla confezione.
Per il resto, come sempre, estremamente veloce e preciso imballo e spedizione.

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Kit Audio Origami per ispezione dello stilo

Ho acquistato questo prodotto perché possiedo una testina Rega Exact , che ha la tendenza a raccogliere un po' la polvere dei dischi.In questo modo, il prodottto mi serve per controllare lo stato di usura dello stilo e verificarne la pulizia.

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Non dal prodotto in se per se, ma vista la notevole differenza di costo rispetto a prodotti identici reperibili in rete, mi aspettavo almeno che "L'esclusivo documento in italiano: La cura e la manutenzione del fonorivelatore" fosse più che le sole 3 fotocopie allegate.

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che dire? ottimo come sempre prodotto proposto da playstereo. la mia ortofon ringrazia!

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