Flux Hi-Fi VINYL-BRUSH Velvet-Carbon Brush to Clean Vinyls


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VINYL-BRUSH di FLUX-HiFi is a special brush developed to have the best cleaning of vinyl records, cleaning them from dust and static electricity.

A completely new design combines materials such as velvet and carbon fiber brush, ensuring a perfect LP cleaning, completely removing evert dust particle. The carbon brush effectively prevents the electrostatic charge, minimising crackles and noises, also preventing further dust format on the surface. Only when the LP is dust-free, your turntable can play your vinyls in the way you want. 

For the stylus cleaning, we recommend the FLUX-HiFi SONIC, the innovative electronic aspirator, with a few seconds gives the stylus of your cartridge a new appearance. 

  • Special product for cleaning
  • Gentle dust removal
  • Integrated carbon brush
  • Prevents static charge
  • Ergonomic case

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Flux Hi-Fi VINYL-BRUSH Velvet-Carbon Brush to Clean Vinyls

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