Valhalla Technology VT Feet (Set of 8)

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Set of 8 damping feet for loudspeakers (and electronics), with adhesive side.

• specific models designed for various weight of speakers and equipment
• significantly improved sound quality
• neighbours hear less music
• works for a speaker on a bookshelf or a stand
• suitable for a floor standing speaker on all floor types including carpet
• self-adhesive allowing repositioning without damage to surfaces

Please select the right model suitable to the weight to be supported:

VT Feet Type 5
For small and lightweight speakers/satellite units and equipment
8 squared pieces suitable for 2 speakers
Dimension: 49 x 49 x 10mm
Maximum load: 2,5 kg per feet / 5 lb per feet
Material: VT ACR
Adhesive: Decoration strength

VT Feet Type 7
For larger sized and lighter weight speakers and equipment
8 squared pieces suitable for 2 speakers
Dimension: 70 x 70 x 10mm
Maximum load: 3,5 kg per feet / 7 lb per feet
Material: VT ACR
Adhesive: Decoration strength

VT Feet Type 15
For medium and heavier weight speakers and equipment
8 squared pieces suitable for 2 speakers
Dimension: 49 x 49 x 10mm
Maximum load: 7,5 kg per feet / 7 lb per feet
Material: VT AMF
Adhesive: Decoration strength

VT Feet Type 30
For larger sized and heavy weight speakers and equipment
8 squared pieces suitable for 2 speakers
Dimension: 70 x 70 x 10mm
Maximum load: 15 kg per feet / 7 lb per feet
Material: VT AMF
Adhesive: Decoration strength

VT Feet Type 25 Single
For center speakers, subwoofer and mp3 player docking units
4 large pieces suitable for 1 speaker
Dimension (triangle): 100 x 100 x 149mm (10mm thick)
Maximum load: 12,5 kg per feet / 25 lb per feet
Material: VT AMF
Adhesive: Decoration strength
IMPORTANT NOTE: only for the Type 25 model, the pack contains 4 triangular pcs.

How do our speaker feet work ?


Sound is pressure variations in the air produced by vibrating materials. A speaker produces sound using a number of drivers that create vibrations.
These vibrations are emitted primarily as sound from the driver membranes, but some of the vibrations are transferred from the driver to the speaker cabinet.
Unless the cabinet is made from a 20.000 kg rock, it will also vibrate ! The vibrating speaker cabinet will then transfer these vibrations to the floor, shelf or stand. Subsequently, these items will resonate and produce a sound of their own. The additional sound is unwanted noise, which becomes combined with the sound from the speaker drivers. The outcome of this is an inferior sound lacking clarity, precision and detail.


VT Feet are designed to absorb vibrations from the speaker cabinet and prevent their transmission to the floor, shelf or stand.


The result is a vastly improved quality of sound. An additional feature of the product is in reducing vibration transference through the buildings structure. Your neighbours will hear less noise and you will be contributing to reducing this antisocial problem.


On a wooden floor:
A wooden floor can easily be set in motion by a vibrating speaker, the floor will then act as an extra driver that adds sound out of phase with the drivers of the speaker. This can present itself as a considerable problem at lower frequencies. The bass loses both tightness and definition.


On a concrete or stone floor:
Even a floor made of stone or concrete can vibrate. Try hitting a concrete floor with a wooden stick - it will rebound and vibrate noticeably. Alternatively, put a struck tuning fork to a concrete floor - it will resonate clearly. A stone or concrete floor can also reflect vibrations back to the speaker, creating additional unwanted noise vibrations here. Added cabinet vibrations results in undesirable coloration of the sound.


On a floor with carpet:
The effect of VT Feet on a floor covered with carpet, accepting variations in adsorption abilities, will be more or less the same as if the carpet was not there. Even on a concrete floor with a carpet that has high vibration absorbing properties, VT Feet will still have a noticeable effect.


On a bookshelf:
A vibrating speaker can set a complete bookshelf in motion, with the result that everything making contact with the bookshelf will produce noise. This is especially so with glass items, which produce considerable noise. Often, this can be as loud as the sound coming from the speaker ! VT Feet have a great effect overcoming this problem.


On a stand:
A normal speaker stand is made of some type of metal. When metal is vibrating it rings like bell - try to hit a metal stand carefully with your knuckle, the ringing, which may last for a long duration, will be clear to hear. Note that speaker stands made of other materials can also vibrate and add noise to your music. VT Feet provide a great solution to all these problems !!

Frequently Asked Questions

"VT Feet 15,25,30 and Spike Feet Deluxe base - what characteristics do these materials exhibit?"

These products use VT special microporous, microcellular open celled polyurethane foam. It was developed in order to exhibit the following attributes:

- Excellent vibration damping /isolation performance
- Exceptional resistance to compression-set resistance (collapse)
- Extreme impact absorption ability enabling durable, long-term cushioning performance.
- In side-by-side drop weight tests, it outperforms vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latex foam and solid viscoelastic
- Ability to withstand constant, repeated deflection
- Supports stability and balance
- Highly flexible
- High density and resiliency
- Will not become brittle and crumble
- Non corrosive to metal
- Extreme stable performance over a broad range of temperatures

Still think that these high tech products are just “any old piece of foam?”

"What benefits are most often noted in A/V systems when using VT vibration damping products?"

The following is a summary of the improvements most frequently observed and given in feedback from delighted customers worldwide.

Increased clarity
Superior dynamics
Reduced graininess
More focused sound
Better spatial definition
Improved stereo imaging
Tighter bass response and superior range
Improved detail, precision and resolution across all volumes
Clearer and more natural vocal and instrumental timbres (tone quality/colour)

Improved stability
Better colour accuracy
Greater dimension and depth
Cleaner and less pixellated image
Superior resolution and picture quality

Improved stationing and stability of equipment
Prevents damage to surfaces
Reduces antisocial noise pollution being transferred through building structure to adjoining rooms and neighbours

Valhalla Technology at a glance

Quality, Functionality, High End Results. Our  products aim to keep the discerning listener contented.

Valhalla Technology’s well established and highly effective series of vibration damping loudspeaker feet, VT Feet, are the cornerstone of our sound philosophy.

All Valhalla Technology’s products are designed to allow your system to perform at its best.

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Valhalla Technology VT Feet (Set of 8)

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Miglioramento epocale

Non riesco a credere alle mie orecchie: mi aspettavo un miglioramento, ma non a questi livelli: come se avessi cambiato i diffusori o un pezzo importante della catena.
Chi ha a cuore il proprio impianto li deve provare: la spesa e’ ridicola rispetto al risultato ottenuto
Grazie di cuore a voi per la professionalita’ e la competenza che da sempre mettete a nostra disposizione.

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Non fanno quello che promettono

Prodotto pessimo. Ho preso i Type 15 per le mie ELAC 247.3, ripsetto ai piedini forniti di serie trasmettono molte più vibrazioni al pavimento, dovrebbero fare esattamente il contrario. Inoltre tendono a chiudere il suono in gamma alta. Probabilmente sono incmpatibili con i miei diffusori. Peccato che una volta usati non si possano rimandare indietro.

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VT Feet Type 7

Che dire? funzionano davvero!
Prima utilizzavo delle punte in acciaio piuttosto economiche e sono contento di averle sostituite con i piedini Valhalla.
Sceglieteli in base al peso dei vostri diffusori e miglioreranno il vostro ascolto.

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VT Feet : Type 15

Li ho installati sotto una coppia di casse ESB 100LD (in posizione simmetrica rispetto al baricentro) poggiate su appositi stand, ottenendo immediatamente un apprezzabile miglioramento della scena (leggermente più ampia) e della dinamica, una maggiore nitidezza e pulizia, più ricchezza di dettagli, più controllo e maggiore naturalezza nella gamma medio-bassa. Valgono assolutamente la spesa.

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