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The Sieveking Sound Omega is arguably the most beautiful & functional headphone stand available and now comes to Italy.

Made from real wood, these gorgeous stands are sumptuously finished, a sturdy and stable design designed to protect your headphones as much as show them off.  Large enough to accommodate even very large headphones like Sennheiser’s HD800 or Grado’s PS1000, the Omega cradles virtually any headphone with its sensuous form.

The Omega's design is so unique it has been granted a design trademark by the European Union.  The Omega headphone stand features a smaller opening angle than a human head and thus puts less tension on the headphone than the listener does when wearing them!

Made in Germany from a single piece of wood, steam-molded then coated with clear matte lacquer, the Omega stand is built to last.  Unlike painted or glossy stands which need constant cleaning to preserve their appearance, the Omega’s soft lacquer finish will look great year after year. The coating is made with a lacquer that is certified for use with children's toys. It is delivered within a pouch of ultra-soft undyed flannel. This pouch is suitable to keep the Omega’s safe during transportation and to protect againt light and dust for the Omega and the headphones resting on it.

There are five real-wood models available: Walnut, Zebrano, Cherry, Maple, Makassar:(from left to right on main image):

- Walnut is deep, rich and burnished, with an understated, solid appearance
- Zebrano is gorgeous, the zebrawood a magnificent complement to metal bodied headphones
- Cherry is a gorgeous slightly reddish color, very natural looking
- Maple is European elegance defined, with a light custardy color

The special Makassar Ebony finish is available ( Limited Edition, with surcharge):

Finiture SVS Omega


• Perfectly shaped to not stretch your headphone headband
• Wide and perfectly flat sides put even pressure on the earpads
• Fits virtually all headphones
• Undyed flannel protective pouch to cover Omega stand and headphones
• Available in 4 Finishes: Walnut, Zebrano, Cherry and Maple (Shown in this order in main picture)
• Made In Germany

For any serious listener who does not want to see his headphones discarded in some corner but is proud to show his love for music, this stand is without doubt an essential purchase.

This products will not be shipped to any country where a Sieveking Sound distributor is present.

It is said that in China making a copy of a product is a form of compliment. While it may be true that only good products warrant copying it turns out that the people buying the copy are less inclined to compliment the product quality.

We have received complaints regarding product quality from several customers who have purchased a "Sieveking Sound Omega" headphone stand in Hong Kong from companies like "HiEndKing". These customers bought in Hong Kong because they felt they would make a bargain that way and ended up getting a wobbly piece of junk with rough surfaces and the smell of chemical solvent. The units are so unstable the manufacturer has used felt stickers to keep them from rocking. Not something you would want to put your prized headphones on.

We take great care with this product and each unit is individually inspected before it ships anywhere and the lacquer we use is certified for use in children's toys and under no circumstances would we accept something which smelled like solvent. We even put the stand in a little bag of non-dyed flannel to make sure it is safe before we ship out.

So if you think of making a bargain by buying from China you might want to consider this: The Sieveking Sound Omega sells for Euro 99 in the country it is manufactured in. Right now that is about US$ 145,-. Now this unit needs to ship to a foreign country and go through customs there which is going to increase the price. So if somebody ends up offering the product to you at a lower price than it is in the country it originates from you might want to be just a little sceptical. That said the Chinese con-men have learned a lot. I remember they used to sell fake XRCDs on e-bay in Hong Kong for $ 5 a piece until they realized they needed to make them $ 20 so people abroad would by them in quantities believing they saved big against the regular price. The same logic seems to apply here as even the counterfeit products were more than $ 100,-.

So if you want to safe on a headphone stand check out the DIY section of Head-Fi. They have got a few very good ideas there. And if you live in Hong Kong and want the real deal speak to Polygain Trading Ltd. as the distributor and ask if they deliver to the shop you want to buy it from.

UPDATE: The ebay-vendor audiophile_inc from Taiwan is selling some really lousy copies of the Omega. The units are so unstable that they are using feltpads to keep them from rocking. They also progressed to the next level and now copied the basic shape into acrylic which we would never do as this will look extremely ugly once body fat from the earpads is starting to assemble on the stand. It also got the problem that it keeps moisture trapped inside the earphones instead of absorbing it over time. STAY AWAY FROM THIS VENDOR!

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SVS Omega Headphone Stand

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Comodo ma soprattutto bello

Da poco possiedo una seconda cuffia e a distanza di alcuni anni questo è il secondo che compro. È solido, stabile e splendidamente rifinito, niente a che vedere con altri prodotti simili che ho visto in questi anni. Viene consegnato insieme ad una spacchetta in morbido tessuto, che utilizzo per proteggere la cuffia dalla polvere, quando è posizionata sull’Omega. Playstereo forse non è la più economica ma grande qualità e serietà.
Oscar Staffieri

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