Super Exstatic PlayStereo Record Brush


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The Super Exstatic PlayStereo Record Brush is a Carbon fibre and velvet vinyl cleaning pad.

A highly effective solution to the problem of grime and dust inside the record groove. The carbon fibre filaments and a soft velvet cleaning pad remove the unwanted materials at a stroke.

It is made up from carbon fibre filaments on the outside with a soft velvet cleaning pad in between, leaving the groove clean and prolonging the life of both discs and stylus.
This Exstatic brush works incredibly well in removing pops and crackles when playing your records. Dust and particles just disappear as well as reducing the static charge if the brush is applied before and after playing an LP.

Simply rotate the record on the turntable and gently apply the carbon fibre brush for 2 to 3 revolutions, then press the pad down so it comes into contact with the surface area of the record, picking up the debris as it goes. Cleans easily and will keep your record collection maintained to the highest standards.

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Super Exstatic PlayStereo Record Brush

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la vera pulizia a secco dei dischi

Finalmente ho trovato una spazzola seria per la pulizia a secco dei dischi....sinceramente non pensavo ad un risultato cosi importante !!!
Ottima costruzione con impiego di ottimi materiali.... e soprattutto un ottimo risultato... la combinazione della fibra di carbonio della giusta e bassa cedevolezza e velluto di qualità risulta vincente !!

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Un prodotto che mi ha lasciato estremamente soddisfatto.
Funzionale, pratico e tutto sommato ben realizzato.
PlayStereo ha saputo scegliere "il meglio" per i suoi prodotti "rebrand" ... grazie !
Sicuramente un prodotto consigliabile.

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