Intona 7055-c USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Isolator Extended Isolation 5kV

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Brand: Intona


The Intona SuperSpeed isolator supports USB full speed 12Mbpshi-speed 480Mbps and also SuperSpeed 5Gbps. It provides galvanic isolation between the USB host and device and protects the device from power shocks and avoid ground loops that can be very troublesome in audio.

It supplies the connected device 500mA (same as standard USB port) without any additional power supply, or you can connect external power and deliver up to 2000mA. This version support 5kV signal and power isolation and 20kV ESD protection.


Transparent (No-Hub) USB Isolation at 5Gbps with 5000 V with laser-optical isolated USB 3.0
Auxiliary power input: The secondary side may be powered by an external power feed with up to 2000mA for energy-hungry devices via Micro-USB. The power switching between internal and external supply is done automatically.

  • Provides galvanic isolation to the USB bus
  • Compliant to USB 3.1 Gen 1, 3.0 SuperSpeed (5 GBps) and 2.0 Hi-Speed (480 MBps)
  • Backwards compatible to Full Speed and Low Speed
  • 5kV RMS Safety Isolation
  • Advanced ESD protection
  • Works out of the box, no drivers needed
  • Transparent to host and device: wide compatibility to all operating systems, embedded systems and devices
  • Works also with hubs and extenders
  • Supports all USB-specific transfers and modes
  • Powered by USB bus, no separate power supply
  • Ultra-quiet power rail isolation for less noise in highly sensitive applications (LT3045)
  • up to 500mA output current on isolated side
  • up to 2000mA output current on isolated using the aux input
  • National compliances: FCC, CE, RCM, ICES-003
  • IP 54 Aluminum housing
  • Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 70 mm
  • Made in Germany

Note: USB Cable not included

Model: 7055-D

What is the difference from the cheaper USB isolators?

The 7055-D supports in addition to full speed 12Mbps and Hi-speed 480Mbps also SuperSpeed 5Gbps. The main difference from the 7055-C is that the 7055-D model support 5kV isolation. For audio use this is generally not important and the 7055-C model might a better as it has lower DC noise. 

Does it require a driver or special setting?

No. Similar to a USB hub, the isolator is “transparent” to the computer and doesn’t require any driver or configuration in settings.

Does it support asynchronous USB?

Yes it supports all USB types, the isolator doesn’t care, it just passed on the data to your computer.

Will it improve the sound quality from my DAC?

It depends on your DAC, computer and electrical environment. If you have a ground loop then it will be removed by using a USB isolator. Additionally the isolator will clean up the 5V DC from your computers USB port. Some computers have very noisy USB power, while other are not so noisy, so the difference will depend on the starting point. This model isolator provides super clean DC supply with ultra low noise.

Is it sure to fix the noise I’m getting from my sound card/microphone/midi keyboard/other device?

It will fix noises that are caused by ground loops, often presented as whining, buzz or loud shh noises. However some noises have other causes. For example the microphone preamp might be noisy by itself, or an electric guitar might pick up noise in the air from other equipment. For those noises USB isolation and better quality, low noise DC power will probably not help much.

Some words about Intona:

Intona is an electronics engineering company based in Germany. For more than 15 years we deliver highly professional signal processing solutions to the industry world wide. 

Our in-depth knowledge of high-speed signals and programmable integrated circuits (FPGAs) has allowed us to develop the world's first high-speed USB isolator, as well as the first product marketed worldwide with the Intona brand. It is the only company selling this range of Hi-Speed ​​or Super-Speed ​​products worldwide.

Signal integrity is the priority when it comes to high-speed data transmission. Intona has the solid knowledge of experts in the design of multi-gigabit transceivers with very low phase noise (jitter).


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Intona 7055-c USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Isolator Extended Isolation 5kV

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