Topping HS02 USB 2.0 High Performance Isolator


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Topping HS02 USB 2.0 High Performance Isolator

The Topping HS02 has a fully isolated design, which does not introduce any interference when the auxiliary power supply is used while the audio signal is isolated from ground loop interference. Say goodbye to ground loop and hum.

The HS02 has two input interfaces (including USB-B and Type-C) and two output interfaces (including USB-A and a Type-C), either of which can be selected by an input switch or output switch.

HS02 Supports automatic identification of USB2.0 transmission at low speed, full speed and high speed. The powerful transmission capability iOS compatible with high resolution audio such as PCM 32bit/768 kHz and DSD512 Native. The latency is only 0.07us, which fully meets hi-fi and professional application’s needs.


  • Inputs: 1* USB-B ; 1* USB-C
  • Outputs: 1* USB-A ; 1* USB-C
  • Supported sampling rates: PCM up to 32bit 768kHz ; Native DSD up to DSD512
  • Audio signal isolation voltage: > 1500KVrms
  • Delay: 0.073µs
  • Supply voltage: 5VDC
  • Dimensions: 59*38*18mm
  • Included: 1* Topping HS02 ; 1* USB cable

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Topping HS02 USB 2.0 High Performance Isolator

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