Audio Origami Alignment Protractor


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This has got to be one of the easiest alignment protractors available…

Just line up the styli’s on the centre line and check the cartridge runs parallel to the horizontal lines.

Made in durable plastified paper.

Audio Origami at a glance

Who is Audio Origami? Audio Origami means the ex-Syrinx Scotland's audio wizard John Nilsen!

"The Audio Origami PU7 is one of the most advanced turntable tonearms in the world. It's also, obviusly, due to its high specifications, une of the most musical tonearms today available".

"Excellent tonearms from Scotland's audio wizard John Nilsen. This arm has grunt, deep soundstaging, with ebb and flow that will startle you". David Beetles, Hammertone Audio, Canada
"The PU7 is an awesome arm and every bit as good as, (if not better than - considering cost) the Linn Ekos SE".

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Audio Origami Alignment Protractor

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