Yamamoto HS-1A / HS-1As Headshell made of African Black Wood

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Yamamoto HS-1A / HS-1As african ebony black wood Headshell.

Brief description.

It is the head shell made from the Africa ebony of the specific gravity 1.4 used for a clarinet, oboe, etc. In wood, a clear and forcible sound is the feature because of a very hard and tough material. The line of vinyl covering with a standard lead is attached. A finger hook is Gold plating of bronze. Prudence is 10.6g ( 11.2g for the HS-1As version). The size of the main part part except a connector part It is 18 (W) 18 (H) 50 (L). Three kinds of attachment screws of bronze gold plating are attached.

Option a) Version HA-1A includes standard headshell leads.
Option b) Version HA-1As includes special 6N copper headshell leads.

Long Description.

HS-1A and HS-1As are new headshells improved by prod_yamamoto_hs-1as_small.jpg
using headshell HS-1 made of the Africa ebony that has been put on the market since last year easily. HS-1 gets the high appraisal as getting popular, and the selection to great [kishou] of the audio accessories magazine, etc.However, there were a lot of products of a recent cartridge that were cut the main body the screw, and such a product got the point that it was not possible to install it. Then, our company decided to change the cartridge installation part of the main body of the shell from twisting off to the elongate hole. As a result, it comes to be able to use the cartridge the much more almost.

The commodity only of the change in this installation hole part becomes a product named HS-1A. Our original next bronze cut, and HS-1As of the sale simultaneously sets the pin terminal, and is product of a special specification that adopts 6N copper wire with excellent tone quality for the shell lead in the shell. Because the terminal of the arm is soldered with the lead wire as for this HA-1As, the effect of the tone quality improvement of a decrease in an electric point of contact can be expected. However, please note that the shell leads cannot be exchanged about this HS-1As.

The Africa ebony is a material black with sound of the use to the oboe and the clarinet beautiful. About 1.4 are in the specific gravity, and the strength has close values highest in wood. Therefore, the installation puncturing of the screw and the cartridge were stopped directly to the headshell. There is no problem in strength at all. As for the headshell, the most has been made from the metal up to the present time. It is because it was difficult to obtain the accuracy and strength by the point of strength and the processing accuracy in wood etc.Because our company was skillful in wood and a plastic high-precision processing technology, the processing of a wooden headshell that suited an analog player by making good use of the technology was enabled.

There are a lot of advantages not thrown away easily in wood. As for one, it is given that a sharp resonance doesn't occur easily because the internal loss is large. The easiness to resonate is a factor the metal is not used for the speaker box etc. so much. The headshell is thought that the influence of the resonance of the entire arm is large. It is thought that the influence of the resonance can be considerably suppressed there in using the headshell of wood with large internal loss.

The wood protection paints of the eco-paints system of the wind combination of wood that it is and the [yasono] feeling of quality is valued, and there is little influence on the human body are painted, and HS-1A and HS-1As are finished up by buff finish. Please actually feel original externals and the warmth of wood. Please differ from a general metallic shell quite, and confirm natural, a gentle sound to the ear by all means by your ear.

Because the self-respect was light, this product was attached to the stop screw of the attachment of a gold-plated screw made of brass. Brass can increase the self-respect a little by using a long screw because the specific gravity is large. Because it wants to do the groundwork that there is no magnetism in the brass screw and the gold plate is given, it is possible to use it at ease.

Moreover, because the gold plate that there is not magnetism in the finger imposing part of HS-1A and HS-1As either is given, it is possible to use it by being relieved to the MC cartridge with a large influence of magnetism.

Model HS-1A
Material: Body: Africa ebony material (eco-paints buff finish)
finger imposing part: Brass (non-magnetism gold-plated finish)
Externals size: 18(W) 50(L) 18(H) installation part is excluded
Self-respect: 10.6g (The installation screw is not included)
Accessory: Standard type shell lead attachment and three kind of gold-plated installation made of brass screw attachment

Model HS-1As
Material: Body: Africa ebony material (eco-paints buff finish)
finger imposing part: Brass (non-magnetism gold-plated finish)
Externals size: 18(W) 50(L) 18(H) installation part is excluded
Self-respect: 11.2g (The installation screw is not included)
Accessory: 6N copper wire shell lead attachment and three kind of gold-plated installation made of brass screw attachment
The shell lead part of HS-1As: 6N copper wire of 0.18mmφx10 wick is passed through the teflon tube and it uses it
*Please note that the shell leads cannot be exchanged


Yamamoto Sound Craft at a glance

The Yamamoto Soundcraft Corporation is the HiFi branch of a Japanese machinery company. The large technical possibilities the mother company has, together with Mr. Yamamoto's deep knowledge about materials, and about electronics design has resulted in this wonderful and unique line of products. The special situation here is, that the Yamamoto Soundcraft company does not have to use mechanical parts from other companies. Whatever they need, they make it themself, just the way they want it. Resulting from this is the prestine quality level of the used components.

Until 2003, the company was mainly active in Japan only. With the coming of the internet, and growing interest in tube amplifiers, international sales just "happened" to the Yamamoto company. Until then, the company was mainly known in the Japanese-only tube scene. (which is a scene for itself !) But...the internet changed the way of working. There a lot of awards and articles on Yamamoto products.

Mr. Yamamoto always presented the Audio scene surprizingly beautifull and well-designed HiFi Equipment, made of finest base materials.
The accessories Mr. Yamamoto designs are genious products, and improve the performance of existing equipment. They are built built to exceptionally high standards: "Handcrafted" as a tag rarely ever signifies this level of bespoke luxury.

Yamamoto Sound Craft makes phono cartridges, head shells for those cartridges, a step up transformer; a phono equalizer amplifier plus a whole lot more. As you can tell Yamamoto-San is a true believer in the joys of vinyl. One of the most demanded Yamamoto accessories is the headshell made from the african ebony wood of the specific gravity 1.4, it is also used for clarinet, oboe, etc. In wood, a clear and forcible sound is the feature because of a very hard and tough material.

--- Shigeki Yamamoto ---
Here, Mr. Yamamoto demonstrates a test record player for the Japanese magazine "Analog". Please don't ask.... it is not for sale. This was only a study, showing the excellent sonic capabilities of the special treated hard wood as used for all products.
This specially treated cherry wood is called Shashi, and has properties like Ebony wood. So it is the secret tip for Audio products, and of course the #1 choice for the HiFi equipment made by Yamamoto Soundcraft.

Shigeki Yamamoto's professional background includes experience as a high-tech machinist—some of the best and most expensive amplifiers on the planet use his precision-made Teflon tube sockets—and his product gallery is itself a portrait of an audio craftsman with greater-than-average determination: When Yamamoto has an idea for a new kind of capacitor housing—or horn, or moving-coil phono cartridge, or equipment stand, or whatever—he simply gets to work and makes the thing himself. That sort of talent seems out of place in a corporation, or in a field of endeavor that misguided souls have allowed to be dominated by a corporate mentality.

Mr. Yamamoto's music preference is jazz recordings, and he is a very critical listener. His personal experience is, only the finest, natural materials can be used to reproduce the sound in the original way, as it was recorded. For this, no weak elements can be tolerated in the entire sound chain. Only in this way, a true reproduction of the original music will be made possible, with finest details occurring that can not be heard otherwise. This search for originality and perfect materials implicates not only the use of tubes.
It means every part of the product is subject to a careful selection process. Also the use of hard wood and other natural materials plays an important role in the complete design.

--- The Choice of materials ---
The Japanese Audiophile scene uses only original materials of highest quality and originality, going allways back to the root of the products. There is no interest in new inventions, but allways the search for originality comes first. Japanese tube enthusiasts like to improve products, but never loose the philosophy of the original design. This is how they are. You will find this quality attitude in all traditional Japanese companies like Yamamoto Soundcraft is one. They have a word for this, called Kai-Zen. It means so much as great dreams, small steps.

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Yamamoto HS-1A / HS-1As Headshell made of African Black Wood

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Ottmo schell per bracci di qualita'

Vorrei segnalare che questo che che ho montato sulla mia koetsu rosewood signature gli ha dato ancor piu' una capacita di musicalità che prima si esprimeva solo in parte.
Siper consigliata

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Portatestine yamamoto HS-1As

Eccezionale shell yamamoto è un po più costoso di altri shell ma la differenza di qualità si sente.Suono più pieno, strumenti ben delineati e meglio posizionati, ottima separazione strumentale, maggiore 3d.Ho altri 2 Shell audiotechnica dal costo da 40 a 60 euro, naturalmente lo shell yamamoto è superiore.Spedizione Playstereo velocissima ed eccellente centro assistenza.Cordiali saluti

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  1. Marco Pertusi
    2018-07-31 17:23
    Questo porta testina ha l\'Azimuth regolabile? Grazie

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