HiFiMAN Harmony Pad Susvara's stock earpads (Pair)


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Brand: HiFiMAN


Harmony Pad - Susvara's stock earpads

They have a design specially designed to maximize the quality of reproduction and ensure comfort in listening for a long time.

-Easy to apply, thanks to the "intuitive assembly" system

-The pad's shape has been specially designed to adapt the magnetic drivers to the ears, to improve imaging and wearability

-The intelligent design ensures comfortable listening hours

- Soft, cushion the contact between the cuff and the ear

They are pads usually provided with the Susvara headphones.

Package contains two pieces of ear pads. 


  • Inner Diameter : Approx. 70 mm (the longest part), 63 mm (the shortest part) 
  • Outer Diameter : Approx. 115 mm (the longest part), 111 mm (the shortest part) 
  • Thickness : 24 mm (the thickest part), 16 mm (the thinnest part) 

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HiFiMAN Harmony Pad Susvara's stock earpads (Pair)

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