FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack (Set of 12)


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FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack included Foam sets (Set of 12)

With consideration of different sizes of ear canals and sound preferences, we specially equipped the HS19 with five different types of ear tips with most types being available in three sizes, for a total of 12 pairs of ear tips: balanced, vocal, bass, each comes with 3 pairs, foam with 2 pairs and bi flange with 1 pair. These ear tips allow you to get the right fit for your ears and your sound preferences, truly bringing music to your ears. In addition to the equipped ear tips, there is also a high-quality storage case, which is made of black, frosted PP plastic with dimensions of merely 93x79x16mm. To make sure the ear tips within the case are truly secure, the diameter of each ear tip securing post is fine-tuned according to the inner diameter of the ear tips, allowing you to easily take them out and settle them down.


Balanced Ear Tips: 1 pair S / 1 pair M / 1 pair L

Vocal Ear Tips: 1 pair S / 1 pair M / 1 pair L

Bass Ear Tips: 1 pair S / 1 pair M / 1 pari L

Bi Flange Ear Tips: 1 pair M

Foam Ear Tips: 2 pair M


HiFiMAN Electronics is a designer and manufacturer of audio products including headphonesamplifiers, and portable audio players

Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. HiFiMAN is especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews. HiFiMAN also owns and operates Head-Direct, an online webstore featuring the finest headphones and portable audio players available today, including HiFiMAN products. 

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FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack (Set of 12)

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