Caig DeoxIT Kit pulizia cellulari



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Kit per la manutenzione di telefoni cellulari, lettori mp3, tablet, telecomandi, ed altri dispositivi simili. Contiene tubo 2ml di DeoxIT e applicatori.

DeoxIT improves the Performance of ALL Cell Phones (cordless phones and mobile radios):

- Clean and rejuvenate battery connections
- Clean and improve charger connections
- Get the most out of your batteries

Easy to Use: Turn off cell phone (cordless phone, mobile radio). Remove battery. Apply a small amount (wipe off excess) to the connections on the battery (1), phone (2) and charger (3) (both ends). Replace battery. If any surface is extremely dirty, re-apply DeoxIT until clean (leave on overnight for highly corroded connections). DeoxIT will provide reliable charging - No more fiddling with the charger connector! DeoxIT will allow more current to enter the battery and therefore be discharged - Longer battery life! Just apply to the connections before charging your phone every few weeks.

DeoxIT Cell Phone Connector Cleaning Kit, D100L Squeeze Tube, 100% solution, 2 ml, (Applications = 50 +/- drops, 0.04 ml/drop) Ideal for cell phones, PDA's, MP3 Players, Cordless Phones and Mobile Radios.

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Caig DeoxIT Kit pulizia cellulari

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