TOPPING D90SE Balanced DAC ES9038PRO 32bit 768kHz DSD512 MQA [b-Stock]


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The new TOPPING D90SE - Balanced DAC ES9038Pro 32bit 768kHz DSD512

Play back your music in higher quality

The performance of D90SE has reached a new peak: THD+N <0.00005%. Clearer details are at your fingertips

Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC transmission

D90SE has the certification of Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC. It uses CSR8675 chipset to support LDAC/AAC/SBC/APTX/APTX LL/APTX HD protocol.

To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, we abandon the built-in DAC of CSR8675 and connect it's digital signal to ES9038PRO to decode.

Plug and play

D90SE has a wide range of compatibility: windows 10, MAX, Linux, IOS, Android can be plug and play. Only for Windows ASIO applications, you need to install the driver and set it up.

Turn your PC into a HIFI source

D90SE uses 2nd generation 16 core XMOS XU216, USB supports MQA full decode, PCM 32bit 768kHz and DSD512 native. With the help of customised Thesycon ASIO driver (for Win 10), your PC will serve as a HIFI source. (Mac needn't a driver to achieve ASIO).

Coaxial, Optical and AES input support MQA full decode

D90SE not only supports MQA input via USB, but all these inputs including USB, coaxial, optical, AES can input MQA signal, which means you can hear more when playing MQA-CD.

It is worth mentioning that these inputs all support the three MQA formats of "Renderer", "MQA" and "MQA Studio" at the same time.

IIS input supports up to DSD1024 native

When there is a better interface, you can use the HDMI cable to directly send the IIS signal into the D90SE's ESS9038PRO for better decode. IIS input can support up to PCM 32bit 768kHz & DSD 1024 native. The IIS input provides phase settings, DSD channel settings, and DSD indicator pin selection settings, DSD channel settings, and DSD indicator pin selection settings, which are compatible with most digital interfaces on the market that use the HDMI interface to output IIS signals.

This function uses only HDMI interface to transmit IIS signal instead of the standard HDMI signals. Thus it cannot be used for HDMI interface of the PC, TV, and set-top box.

Selectable output

D90SE has balanced XLR output and single ended RCA output. You can choose "XLR only", "RCA only" or "XLR+RCA" output to for different applications.

XLR 4V/5V & RCA 2V/2.5V selectable output
We understand that in addition to the more versatile XLR 4V and RCA 2V outputs, there are also extensive needs for XLR 5V and RCA 2.5V. D90SE adds options to set this to meet a wider range of needs. When XLR 4V and RCA 2V are selected, more devices can be adapted; when XLR 5V and RCA 2.5V are selected, the performance will be pushed from extreme to more extreme.

Preamplifier function

In addition to the DAC mode with a fixed output level, the D90SE also has a DAC+preamplifier mode. In this mode, you can control the output volume on the front panel or at the remote control. This will provide great convenience when connected to a power amplifier or monitor speakers. And also help you leave the budget of a preamplifier.

Flagship achievement flagship

D90SE uses ESS SABRE ES9038PRO, with 32bit Hyperstream architecture, achieves ultra-high performance in the audio field. Each channel of the D90SE will be arranged in parallel by 4 conventional balanced channels. This makes the performance of D90SE even better.

Of course, these are more important

Different from the conventional parallel connection and then I/V conversion, the D90SE perform independent I/V conversion for the 8 channels of ES9038PRO and then connect them in parallel, which reproduces the real "4 x DAC parallel connection" in terms of sound effects and technology. This makes D90SE different from other DAC products using ES9038PRO.


We use CPLD to process the clock and greatly optimise the digital signal, so that regardless of USB, optical, coaxial, AES input, Jitter is lower than -160dB.

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TOPPING D90SE Balanced DAC ES9038PRO 32bit 768kHz DSD512 MQA [b-Stock]

B-Stock product, (read below) in excellent condition with original packaging, 2 year warranty.

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