Ruark MR1 mkII Bluetooth HiFi Speakers (Pair)

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Ruark MR1 Mk2 is a set of two active speakers with analogue, digital and wireless connections. The compact dimensions and refined materials - perfect in the living room - are not misleading. MR1 is the best compact active audio system around, and delivers a pleasant, clear, full-bodied sound. Thanks to the important updates in terms of design, connection and acoustics, MR1 confirm themselves as worthy successors of the model that has won over the hearts of lovers of beautiful sound for years. Ruark MR1 MKII once again establishes itself as the most successful and loved active stereo system, winning every comparison with its rivals.

Ruark MR1 Mk2 is the new compact amplified audio system from the award-winning English brand. Equipped with wide connectivity, from Bluetooth to the Toslink optical digital input, to the analog 3.5 mm in, Ruark MR1 has won every comparison with other products and has for several years, since its first version, been counted among the best compact audio systems for provide sound to desks, living rooms, computers, TVs etc. But not only. Thanks to its exquisite elegance and incredible sound, the MR1 is the first choice for giving voice to turntables or music collections streamed from our Smartphones.

MR1 Bluetooth speakers provide amazing sound in multiple applications. Perfect as computer speakers in the bedroom or office, ideal for use with a turntable, the MR1 Mk2 fill any room with extremely high-quality sound. Not only! Thanks to digital connections, both wired and wireless, this active audio system is a fantastic ally to improve the terrible sound of your TV. Have you seen how beautiful it is? It is perfect for every music lover but can also be appreciated by those who have a good eye for design. MR1 is the ideal solution for those who want to listen to Spotify or Tidal or Amazon Music directly from their mobile phone by sending the music to the speakers via Bluetooth.

A little wonder

MR1 Mk2 is a miniaturized high fidelity speaker and, as in larger HiFi speakers, all components are of a high standard.

Starting with its internal crossover which plays a truly vital role in making it sound so good!

Many compact speakers use a basic single-component crossover for ease of assembly and above all to reduce costs, but for the MR1 Ruark has developed a dedicated crossover using the best components available on the market.

HiFi level components

Ruark MR1 Mk2 represents the definitive evolution of the best compact audio system in the world. Thanks to the update in terms of design and connection, the success of the previous model is confirmed.

MR1 Mk2 features the highly regarded and award-winning Ruark drivers: two-way bass reflex speakers with a 75mm diameter long-excursion woofer and 20mm silk dome tweeter. The amplification section, strictly in class AB, delivers 20 Watts RMS per channel, which means great sound in the room... and throughout the house!

High quality Bluetooth

In addition to the inevitable analogue and digital inputs and an output dedicated to connecting a subwoofer, the ease of use of Bluetooth has made it the main method for wireless audio streaming, working with practically all devices and compatible with the main music services such as Spotify, Tidal, Qubuz, Apple and Amazon Music.

MR1 Mk2, with its high-quality aptX Bluetooth receiver, allows you to make the most of this technology with CD-quality audio.

Sound Perfection

Ruark MR1 once again establishes itself as the most successful and loved designer active stereo system, winning every comparison with its rivals.

In fact, although compact, this year too it won the What HiFi 2022 award as best desktop speaker.

The MR1 Mk2 features a class A-B linear amplifier with a quality switching power supply. Linear amplifiers are used in the world's best audio equipment and, in our opinion, still offer superior performance to new-style digital amplifiers, which often seem unrefined in comparison.

Linear amplification is one of the many reasons why the Ruark MR1 sounds so good.

Beautiful and long-lasting

Ruark MR1 are made only with top quality materials selected over decades of speaker production. Every component of the MR1 is chosen to maximize sound quality. The fixed grille is covered in Camira's unique British melange fabric which has met rigorous requirements for both its attractive design and acoustic properties. The careful combination of materials also makes MR1 highly pleasant to the touch... as beautiful to touch as it is to see and listen to. You can connect it to a turntable equipped with phono preamplification such as the Elipson Chroma 200 RIAA or Cambridge Alva ST via a simple connection with 2RCAMiniJack 3.5mm. If your turntable does not have a pre module, you can always purchase an external phono preamplifier to place between the turntable and active speakers. With the same 2RCA-MiniJack 3.5mm cable, you can connect an excellent CD player, such as Tangent CD II, directly to the Ruark MR1 to better listen to all your favorite records.

Extended wired and wireless connectivity

Connectivity is complete. A quality Toslink optical digital input has been added to the 3.5 mm minjack analogue input, capable of better connecting devices such as flat screen TVs, OLEDs, consoles, media players, decoders, CD players and many others. A Bluetooth input then allows immediate streaming from any personal digital device. Of course, if you want to transmit from a mobile phone you will have to stay within Bluetooth range. The practical remote control and the classic Ruark controller - placed above the master speaker - guarantee maximum versatility and promise great immediacy in controlling the speakers. Speaking of connectivity, it is good to know that the two speakers must always remain connected to each other via cable (supplied in the package). Only the master speaker, which also has connections on the back, is connected to the power.

Add a subwoofer

The MR1 equipment also includes a Subwoofer output. You can combine at any time a good quality compact subwoofer such as Ruark RS1 from the same line, to add emphasis and body to the already natural and pleasant sound of these incredible speakers.

The updates that Ruark have implemented in this new version of the popular active mini speaker series have brought the MR1 Bluetooth speaker system damn near perfection. A truly classy product, dedicated to all lovers of good music who are looking for a discreet, functional, well-sounding and practical solution for every modern sound system need. Now, with a subwoofer alongside, MR1 is a solution for listening to TV and music in even a large living room!



  • The best sound quality
  • Handmade tuned and damped bass reflex cases
  • Ruark Audio 75mm long throw woofer with powerful neodymium magnet system
  • Ruark Audio 20mm treated fabric dome tweeter with neodymium magnet system
  • Frequency response 55Hz – 22kHz
  • Class A-B linear amplifier, rated power of 20 watts
  • Audio quality components throughout
  • Quality braided interconnection signal cable minijack 3.5 - minijack 3.5 mm length 2m
  • The Loudness function provides improved sound at low volume levels
  • Automatic mono operation (can also be used as a single unit)


  • Digital optical TOSLINK input with adjustable attenuation
  • Active subwoofer output
  • Line-in audio input with switchable attenuation


  • The high-quality Bluetooth audio receiver with aptX provides CD-quality sound with compatible devices


  • Intuitive control system
  • The micro LEDs show the system status and the selected source
  • Compact infrared remote control included


  • Walnut veneer with gray lead Camira fabric grille
  • Gray with Camira Lead Gray fabric grille


  • 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz input, 14V DC 1.5A output


  • H170 × W130 × D135 mm each


  • 3.5 kg total


  • Mono function, for use as a single speaker
  • Snooze mode for auto-standby and alarm
  • Back panel inserts (1/4-20 UNC thread) for wall mount brackets

Ruark as a galance

Ruark Audio has been developing high-quality audio systems for over 30 years. Initially know for producing speakers, it has been producing the finest range of compact radios and sound system for a decade. "Serious Small Audio". 

The noble material used to creare Ruark products, the minimalist and timeless design, the audio performance at the top of the market, the range of technologies used, make Ruark the No.1 brand all in one electronics for a fine palate audience. 

Ruark Audio is also the most known and popular brand from high-quality fashion magazines all over the world. You don't have to be an audiophile or to have your house full of wires to listen to an high-quality music! Ruark amazes both audio experts and every simple casual users.

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Ruark MR1 mkII Bluetooth HiFi Speakers (Pair)

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