Omega Super 6 Alnico Monitor loudspeakers pair

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Omega Speakers Systems Super 6 Alnico Monitor loudspeakers pair. The Super 6 Alnico Monitor uses a 6" Proprietary Omega HempCone full-range driver that is made for Omega Speaker Systems.

Super 6 Alnico Monitor: the soundstaging king; the speaker that blows the doors off all traditional price performance barriers!
While the front profile may be sleek, bass response is enhanced by using a deep, vented cabinet (14” depth). Standalone, or paired with one (or two) Omega DeepHemps, you have a speaker system that sounds so lifelike it’ll blow you and even your most critical audiophile friends away.

The new Alnico 6-inch driver.

super 6

Super 6 Alnico Monitor Specifications

Sensitivity93dB at 8 ohms
Impedance8 ohms
DriverProprietary 6" Omega Alnico HempCone
Frequency Response55-18kHz +/- 3dB (In room response to to 45Hz)
Dimensions20"H x 10"W x 14"D
Recommended Stand Height20"
Weight30 lbs. each
Power Requirementas little as 2 watts
Warranty10 year parts and labor for workmanship and defects

Super 6 Alnico Series

Super 6s fulfill my vision to bring you the sonic benefits of Omega’s larger Alnico driver, but at a much reduced price.

Every aspect of this Series, from perfecting its proprietary Alnico HempCone driver, to optimizing cabinet design and construction materials, has been one of my driving passions for many months. And now they’re finally available for you to enjoy.

Super-fast Alnico drivers, perfectly mated with my hand-crafted cabinets, deliver a level of musical purity, rich sonic textures, tonal balance and open soundstaging so good you’ll swear you’re listing to speakers costing many times their price point.

All Omega speakers come with a money-back guarantee. But I’m confident – once you hear the 6s – you’ll thank me for upgrading your listening experience, well beyond your expectations!

Omega Speaker Systems at a glance

“My whole philosophy is the entire product is born in one place. It’s not a cookie cutter approach, where you take mass-market parts and assemble them together like a puzzle. Everything including my proprietary cabinet alignment algorithm, proprietary driver designs, four-layer cabinet construction, and product assembly are totally done by me.”

Omega Speaker Systems, my company, offers a full line of single-driver loudspeakers, each designed to bring you closer to the original musical performance.

I began building speakers professionally in 1989. And for the past 8 years, I’ve focused 100% on single driver loudspeakers. So it’s fair to say my proprietary speaker designs are based on years of real-world experience.

My goal is to build on the unique benefits inherent in single-driver speakers (open & coherent soundstage), while using my knowledge and proprietary products to ‘design around’ sonic deficiencies you may have experienced listening to mass-market or DIY single-driver speakers.

My speakers deliver detail, speed, dynamics, and above all — musical involvement beyond anything you would expect at comparable price points. And I back this claim with Omega’s 30 day in-home trial, where you can hear for yourself what makes Omega speakers so special.

Proudly built in Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.A., I personally design, manufacture and assemble every pair of single-driver speakers that leave the factory. So when you purchase an Omega loudspeaker, you know my fingerprints are all over it. Literally!

You are welcome to call so we can discuss your budget and needs. My phone number is (203) 847-2800. I’d be glad to help you determine which Omega product is right for your electronics, listening room and musical tastes.

Happy listening!

Louis Chochos
Omega Speaker Systems

Single Drivers

Even Omega’s least expensive HempCone single-driver loud-speaker delivers a level of sonic coherence and musical purity no multi-way speaker, regardless of price, will ever quite achieve.
On the surface, single-driver loudspeakers can be as simple as their name: One audio driver in a cabinet. Delve deeper and you’ll find doing single-drivers right presents one of audio’s most difficult design challenges:

Engineering a mechanical device that faithfully converts electronic signals into audible sound waves covering the FULL audio spectrum, without the aid of a crossover or multiple drivers sharing the work.

Even a single musical note is comprised of a fundamental tone along with tones of higher pitch that are present in every musical sound. The presence of these overtones and harmonics determine the quality of the musical sound, and are in large part why a guitar sounds like a guitar and an oboe sounds like an oboe.

Introduction of a crossover (or filter) in a multi-way speaker means that one driver reproduces the fundamental tone, while a second driver reproduces portions of the harmonics and overtones. Yet somehow all these tones and overtones need to come back together to create cohesive sound, as close as possible to the original guitar or oboe.

Crossovers are considered by many to be a necessary evil. Their insertion in the signal path does nothing to improve the integrity or quality of the audio signal. Rather, they do quite the opposite.

With single-drivers, there’s no filter between the amp and your speakers. So the signal driving your music is as pure as you can get. There’s also no need to have two or more drivers involved, even to reproduce just a single musical note!

Issues with Time & Phase Accuracy
Given enough money, a good speaker designer — even using a crossover and multiple drivers — can do a good job of bringing fundamental and overtones back together. The challenge is to produce state-of-the art, involving and realistic sounding music at affordable price points (…say $1,000 - $3,000 / pair).

No matter how much you spend on a speaker system — even $20,000 or more per pair — if the speakers contain a crossover, your music does NOT emanate from a single point source, and the speaker will NOT be totally time and phase accurate.

Discrepancies in time and phase add to musical clutter, and diminish overall tone and coherency, which ultimately compromise sound quality. This means that regardless of price, once a crossover is introduced to the signal path, no speaker will ever be quite as coherent or open as even Omega’s lowest priced single-driver design.

Single-driver Advantages
Quality crossovers and tweeters cost money. Omega’s single-driver approach means you get higher quality drivers at their respective price points, because your entire investment is channeled into the driver and a quality cabinet.

Crossovers also rob power from the musical signal, often by 10dB or more. This loss means you need a larger amp to achieve a given listening volume. It also means that drivers must be pushed harder to produce your music.

Omega speakers feature 93 – 96dB sensitivity. This means realistic listening levels can often be achieved with just a few watts of power. So — in a typical listening room — Omega speakers are barely being taxed at normal listening levels, and have plenty of headroom to reproduce powerful and uncluttered crescendos or high volume listening levels when called to do so.

Overcoming Single-driver Challenges
If a speaker designer is restricted to off-the-shelf drivers or standard cabinet alignments, they are severely handicapped when it comes to designing a well balanced and natural sounding single-driver loudspeaker.

As a result, the market includes products that perform less than optimal at upper frequencies, lower frequencies, and in some cases both ends of the frequency spectrum. And there are products from Omega’s competitors that some have criticized for exhibiting a forward, sometime even “honkey-sounding” midrange.

Because a single driver is the sum of it’s parts, proper application of cabinet design, cabinet materials, and speaker design and speaker materials are a must to ‘engineer around’ these problems. That’s why Omega is 100% committed to single-driver loudspeakers. It’s also why Omega designs and offers only proprietary cabinet alignments and proprietary drivers.

All Omega speakers are backed by a 30 day in-home trial, where you can hear for yourself what makes Omega speakers so special.

“…the Omegas simply floored me.”
— Ken Micallef, American Wired

“To put it plainly, I have heard systems at three times its cost that were nowhere near as involving and gratifying as this.”
— Paul Candy, 6moons

“The Omega Max Hemp (superceded by the Super 8 Alnico XRS) may be one of those great bargains that come along once in a paper moon.”
— Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

“…this combination of kit put to shame many much more expensive setups.”
— Jeff Day, 6moons

Secret Recipe

Here’s my secret recipe for achieving great sound (…please don’t let anyone know you saw this, OK?).

All Omega speakers incorporate:

Single-driver design. So they are a perfect point source, and completely phase & time accurate. This means speaker enclosures ‘disappear’ from your listening room. Leaving nothing but you and your music — pure and uncluttered.


Super 6 driver

Proprietary drivers, specifically engineered and constructed to deliver a balanced, full- range musical signal (the quality of drivers used in Omega’s speakers is virtually unparalleled at their price points).

Crossover-less design. So there are no passive electrical components in the path between your amp and the driver, resulting in the purest signal possible delivering your music.


Two wires used for '+' terminals on drivers. Why? Because two sound better than one.

High efficiency design (minimum 93db sensitivity). Omega speakers work equally well with high or low-powered amps. But unlike low-sensitivity-speakers — which encompasses the bulk of speakers made today — you can direct your amp budget at sound quality rather than chasing raw power.

High sensitivity also improves macro dynamics, so when the drummer hits a rim shot, his snare sounds (and feels!) like it’s in your listening room. Omega speakers work well at low-volume listening levels too — where detail, immediacy and dynamics still shine through.

Amp friendly design. All Omega speakers are crossover-less, and have smooth impedance curves, so they present an easy load for any amplifier, even flea amps & low-watt SET designs.


4-layer 'wood sandwich' cabinet construction minimizes unwanted resonances.

Proprietary cabinet designs and cabinet tuning, to deliver the ‘Omegasound.’

In-house cabinet manufacturing, reducing overhead so you get more speaker for your money, and allowing me complete control over every aspect of the manufacturing and construction process.

Triple-layer cabinet construction, plus a fourth finish layer of veneer, to minimize cabinet resonances that degrade sonic performance.

Brass Screw

Steel screws can ring. Omega uses brass screws exclusively, improving sound quality.

Brass screws to secure drivers. Steel screws ring, negatively impacting sound quality. Brass on the other hand is a soft metal and less prone to ringing. Omega is one of the only companies offering brass screws as standard equipment on all models.

A choice of furniture grade veneer finishes…
- All applied after the speaker cabinet is built
- All edges are hand chamfered, filed and faceted
- All cabinets are veneered and finished on all sides, including the back

Done ‘The Omega Way,’ I promise you my single driver loudspeakers deliver a level of build quality and sonic performance well beyond their price points. And I back this claim with Omega’s 30 day in-home trial, where you can hear for yourself what makes Omega speakers so special.


While driver design and driver quality are big factors in any speaker system, when it comes to single-driver loudspeakers, DRIVERS ARE EVERYTHING!

That’s why I allocate a significant amount of my time to researching, developing and testing new driver designs.

Fortunately the work has paid off: Omega’s current generation of proprietary drivers are by far the best I’ve ever offered. And they play a major role in delivering the lifelike sound you’ll enjoy when listening to any of my single-driver speakers.

Omega Driver Benefits

  • Omega’s drivers are high sensitivity (ranging from 93 to 96dB SPL); In most rooms you can achieve realistic listening volumes with only a few watts of power
  • The cone material is light and ridged, which translates into:
    • Quicker transient response
    • Higher resolution & ‘see-through’ transparency
    • More lifelike tone & overtones
  • Omega’s drivers are 8 ohm loads and present your amp with a linear impedance curve, making them an easy load for any amp to drive
  • Omega’s drivers perform equally well at both low and high volume listening levels

Bottom line: Omega’s proprietary drivers are specifically designed and crafted to work with my proprietary cabinet designs to deliver a level of sonic performance well beyond anything you would expect at their respective price points.


MQ5LBomega driver

Found in all 5 series speaker systems.

  • Perfect point source and phase and time accurate
  • Full-range 4.5" driver
  • Single cone whizzerless
  • 19mm voice coil for extended treble to 18KHz
  • High frequencies are produced at the voice coil edge — This edge is slightly raised from the main cone & perpendicular to the main cone
  • Unique damped dust cap
  • Lightweight cone material, with treated fabric surround
  • Steel basket with back wave treatments
  • Powerful Ferrite motor
  • 8 Ohm
  • 93dB SPL


ALN6omega driver

Found in all 6 series speaker systems.

  • Perfect point source and phase and time accurate
  • Full-range 6.5" driver with felt diffraction ring
  • 25mm voice coil
  • One-piece whizzer / dustcap assembly
  • Dual cone with twin rolled edge surround
  • Smoother high frequency transition at 11KHz, and open soundstage
  • Lightweight cone material, with treated and pleated accordion fabric surround
  • Open, cast-aluminum basket, which greatly reduces back wave bounce back
  • Basket incorporates venting to keep motor cool
  • Powerful Alnico motor
  • 8 Ohm
  • 93dB SPL


ALN8omega driver

Found in all 8 series speaker systems.

  • Perfect point source and phase and time accurate
  • Full-range 8" driver with felt diffraction ring
  • 25mm voice coil
  • One-piece whizzer / dustcap assembly
  • Dual cone incorporating a unique Omega broad whizzer cone with rolled edge
  • Smoother high frequency transition at 9KHz, and open soundstage
  • Lightweight cone material, with treated and pleated accordion fabric surround
  • Open, cast-aluminum basket, which greatly reduces back wave bounce back
  • Basket incorporates venting to keep motor cool
  • Powerful Alnico motor
  • 8 Ohm
  • 93dB SPL


MQ8LBomega driver

Found in the Compact Hemp

  • Perfect point source and phase and time accurate
  • Full-range 8" driver with felt diffraction ring
  • 25mm voice coil
  • One-piece whizzer / dustcap assembly
  • Dual cone incorporating unique Omega broad-whizzer cone with rolled edge
  • Smoother high frequency transition at 9KHz, and open soundstage
  • Lightweight cone material, with treated and pleated accordion fabric surround
  • Open, cast-aluminum basket, which greatly reduces back wave bounce back
  • Basket incorporates venting to keep motor cool
  • Powerful Ferrite motor
  • 8 Ohm
  • 96dB SPL

Alnico Magnets

When I first heard the Alnico (magnet) sound in a driver, I knew that it was for me. Now all upper-end Omega single-driver loudspeakers use Alnico magnets in their drivers.

Alnico is an acronym referring to alloys which are composed primarily of aluminum (symbol Al), nickel (symbol Ni) and cobalt (symbol Co), hence al-ni-co. For comparisons sake, 99% of dynamic drivers used in home audio utilize ferrite magnets.

As a speaker designer, Alnico drivers are MUCH more expensive compared to their ferrite counterparts. But there is no question in my mind, Omega's proprietary Alnico drivers produce the sound and tone I strive for, so they are now used exclusively in all my upper-end models.

Compared to ferrite magnet counterparts, the sound produced by Omega Alnico drivers:

  • Is better balanced and more linear across the frequency spectrum
  • Has better texture and layering
  • Offers higher resolution (especially noticeable in the mid-bass area, with instruments like standup bass and kick-drums)

Note: Some data on this page is from Wikipedia,


Empty Speaker Cabinet

A loudspeaker’s cabinet is the heart of the speaker system. This becomes even more important in single-driver speakers, where proper cabinet design is critical to achieving a natural, uncluttered and balanced sound.

Since my speakers use absolutely no passive electronic components, I rely 100% on mechanical means to ensure the finest musical reproduction possible. And if not properly constructed, cabinet resonances degrade the all-critical midrange performance.

Where manufactures often rely on outside suppliers for key components — sometime even cabinet designs and / or cabinet manufacturing — my cabinet design algorithms and construction techniques are unique and proprietary.

All Omega speakers feature:

  • Proprietary alignments (cabinet tuning) & cabinet design. So all Omega speakers are unique in the marketplace.
  • Triple-layer cabinet construction, plus a finish veneering, which itself is another layer. This ‘wood sandwich’ virtually eliminates sound degrading cabinet resonances.
  • All three layers are cold pressed using PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) adhesive.
  • All cabinets incorporate ladder bracing for added rigidity.
  • Only softwood MDF is used for the core. It’s more expensive, but sounds far superior to hardwood MDF.
  • Damping is accomplished using heavy-duty rebond foam.
  • Exclusive use of Precision Ports and Vampire internal wiring.
  • Speaker grills are magnetized and included with all speakers except DeepHemp. These grills are simple to take off for critical listening sessions. And leave no visible holes or fasteners on front baffles once removed.
  • All aspects of cabinet design & manufacturing is personally done by me.
  • Cabinet finishes are the finest available. Veneering is cold pressed using PVA throughout. Veneering is postformed using traditional clamps and cauls.
  • Absolutely no Contact Cement is used. Contact Cement is an adhesive that can result in glue failure over time, and has a soft glue line. PVA will not delaminate and with its hard glue line will also wrap the cabinet tight, much better than any clear coat or paint.
  • All cabinets have 3 PVA glue lines.
  • Cabinets are postformed (veneered after the cabinet is built), so all edges are hand chamfered, filed and faceted.
  • All cabinets are veneered and finished on all sides, including the back.

Omega stereo speakers are backed by a 10-year parts and labor guaranty. DeepHemps are backed by a 5-year parts and labor guaranty.

Aperiodic Ports

The Super 8 Alnico XRS are sealed enclosures that incorporate an aperiodic port.

Aperiodic ports are vents filled with dense fiberglass, allowing restricted airflow via the vent. They are also known as ‘lossy’ ports.

Aperiodic vents:

  • Allow the Super 8 Alnico XRS to perform at a level sonically larger than their physical size.
  • Deliver improved musical purity, because the drivers are transient perfect; Something not achieved by traditional vented enclosures.
  • Achieve a flatter impedance curve and lower Q, much like a fully sealed enclosure, making the speaker more amp-friendly.
  • Allow the Super 8 Alnico XRS to deliver a smoother frequency response, with better bass definition and reduced Doppler distortion.

Materials - Where Omega Speakers & materials are born


Empty Speaker Cabinet

Omega proprietary designs, proudly made in the U.S.A
Learn More »


Omega proprietary designs, proudly made in U.S.A.
Learn More »


  • Veneers & Laminates
  • Ultralight M.D.F.
  • Birch Ply
    Finland or Russia
  • Ports
  • Glues: Cold Press and Polyurethane
  • Finish: Birchwood-Casey and Tried and True
  • Screws
  • Staples
  • Damping: Re-bond, side damping and R compound
  • Standard and R cabling
  • Grill fabric
  • Vampire binding posts
  • Standard terminals
    Taiwan or China
  • Packaging material

The image below shows the exeptional luxury finishes actually available (from left to right): Cherry, Ribbon Mahogany (Sapele)

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Omega Super 6 Alnico Monitor loudspeakers pair

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Scrivo xchè queste casse lo meritano, le ho avute per più di un anno e ogni giorno hanno saputo regalarmii emozioni grandissime. Ragazzi, vi do un consiglio con il cuore, se ascoltate jazz acustico, voci e classica con piccoli ensemble a questi prezzi secondo me non esiste niente di meglio. Una gamma media e medio alta favolosa, non si entra dentro il pezzo, ed un basso pieno e tonalmente definito. Tutto
Erretto allora? NO, semplicemente non vanno bene con il rock, non riescono a dare il giusto corpo. Le ho sostituite con le Heresy la magia è andata con loro..CONSIGLIATISSIME!

Ultima cosa, sinergia eccezionale con il trittico Kingrex e SET di EL84 e 300B

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