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Brand: HiFiMAN


HIFIMAN Introduces the HE1000se Planar Magnetic Headphone, Featuring Higher Sensitivity and Superb Performance 

HIFIMAN’s New HE1000se Builds Upon the Legacy of the Original Model

New to the HE1000se are neodymium magnets that increase efficiency and lower distortion for true purity of sound. Neodymium, widely recognized for providing incomparable magnetic strength in a compact size, providing consistently exceptional output that is equal to larger and heavier ferrite magnets. With neodymium, the new model’s driver is faster and more dynamic, presenting every sonic detail for a more compelling performance.

The third version of a distinguished model, the new HE1000 Special Edition features increased sensitivity for superior performance when paired with every imaginable source, from audiophile-grade source components to high-resolution digital audio players -- even tablets and smartphones.

The previous model, HE1000 V2, is one of the best-reviewed headphones in the high-performance personal audio market. Cited by multiple reviewers as being the finest headphone in its price range, it could easily have been left as is, but Dr. Bian is a firm believer that even the best can always be made demonstrably better.

"As popular as it may be, I believe it’s important to keep pushing the envelope with revisions that present a dramatic improvement in sound while maintaining the essence of what made the original such an overwhelming success with music fans and audiophiles who invest in the best equipment for enjoying their favorite recordings.”
— Dr. Fang Bian, Founder & CEO, HIFIMAN

By increasing the sensitivity from 91 to 96 dB (decibels), HiFiMan’s HE1000se is easier to drive from any source, with a greater sense of presence and realism, especially when paired with high-performance electronics.

Similar to the previous version, a patented “window shade” open back design minimizes distortion by avoiding unwanted reflections and vibrations that misrepresent the artist’s performance. The result is a wide, natural soundstage that mirrors the experience of listening to live music in an acoustically accurate club or concert hall.

The diaphragm is only one nanometer yielding faster response and a high dynamic range that makes recordings come to life, satisfying the most demanding listeners, no matter the genre, from soft acoustic music to high energy rock & roll, and every genre in between. Ergonomically, the HE1000se is exceptionally comfortable, thanks to a specially designed headband that features a steady arch structure for stability and durability for years of usage without change in fit. A new matte finish with ebony wood trim adds a smart, attractive touch that enhances the overall design.

Added Dr. Bian: “The HE1000se makes it easy to exceed the legendary HE1000 V2 performance without an expensive amplifier. I couldn’t be more proud of this headphone.” 

# # # 

HE1000se Product Specifications 

 Weight: 440 g/15.52 oz. 

 Frequency response: 8Hz-65kHz 

 Sensitivity: 96dB 

 Impedance: 35 ohm 


Revolutionary in design and engineering, the diaphragm in nanometer thickness of the HiFi Man HE1000 Series of Planar Magnetic Headphones is extremely low in mass, which helps it achieve a faster response rate and lower distortion.

World’s First Diaphragm in Nanometer Thickness: The diaphragm in nanometer thickness is extremely low in mass, yielding faster response and lower distortion. “…sounded remarkable and may motivate me to do a lot more headphone listening…” Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound

Advanced Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuit: 7 years of research and devotion into the groundbreaking design offers near perfect reproduction of live music. Regular driver: insufficient construction of sound apertures from classical planar magnetic driver creates reflections, deflections, and refraction of sound waves, resulting in audible distortion. HIFIMAN Advanced Asymmetrical Planar Driver: the innovative design of the double-sided, asymmetrical magnetic circuits is the perfect marriage of the diaphragm in nanometer thickness and its magnetic partner. The result is Planar Magic. “The new HE1000 nailed it…at least as fat as a headphone could on quick listen at a show. This sounds like a reference level headphone.” Tyll Hertsen, Innerfidelity

Patented “Window Shade” System: Created to meet the need for driver protection and optimized open-back design. Regular headphone: Traditional grill designs tend to reflect sound waves, creating audible interference and distortion. HE1000: the patented “Window Shade” design is precisely structured to achieve an optimal open-back design. It prevents interference from the sound waves, avoiding unwanted reflections and vibrations, which cause distortion. This results in a wider and natural soundstage, outstanding imaging and remarkable clarity. "For the listener, the net effect is not unlike having one’s ears and brain “hard-wired” to the original recording console, which affords an exceptionally intimate view of the music." Chris Martens, HiFi+

Meticulously Crafted and Quality-Checked by Hand: With its unique design, exceptional function and exquisite craftsmanship, the HE100 is the total luxury item that redefines the audio landscape.

Enjoy Excellent Comfort and Remarkable Sound Quality: Ergonomic and comfortable, the headband features a steady arch structure, a universal design with improved reliability and durability. “…the ginormous HE1000 made even my head look tiny. Despite its size, the HE1000 felt light on the head.” Jude, Head-Fi

The Planar Magnetic Operating Principle

You can think of planar magnetic drivers as a sort of crossbreed between dynamic and electrostatic drivers. Like a standard dynamic headphone, planar magnetic headphones use the magnetic field around a conductor that has electrical current flowing through it to drive the diaphragm. Like an electrostatic driver, the diaphragm of a planar magnetic speaker is a thin sheet of flexible transparent film, but unlike an electrostat, the film has very thin, flat electrical conductors (wires ... but very flat ones) in it.

HiFiMAN at a glance

Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. HiFiMAN is especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews. HiFiMAN also owns and operates Head-Direct, an online webstore featuring the finest headphones and portable audio players available today, including HiFiMAN products.

In demo at PlayStereo Studio and other authorized dealers.

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HiFiMAN HE1000SE Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Perché non una SUSVARA?

Suono meno "aggressivo" delle Audeze che merita abbondantemente le 5 stelle con lode. Pilotate con un Auralic Taurus Mk II, per trovare il "pelo nell'uovo", appena "leggere" sul medio-alto. Nel complesso il piacere d'ascolto è veramente molto alto per un ascolto in cuffia.
La Susvara comporta, per apprezzarne le qualità, un ulteriore investimento di più di 10,000 euro in amplificazione e cavi adeguati che per un ascolto, anche, e non solo in cuffia mi sembrano eccessivi.

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Una tra le cuffie migliori del mondo

È da 40 anni che coltivo assiduamente la passione per l'ascolto in cuffia. Ho avuto moltissime cuffie e ampli dedicati, prediligo la musica classica che richiede assoluta fedeltà e purezza del suono senza compromessi. Ebbene la Hifiman HE 1000 SE stupisce per le sue caratteristiche di eccellenza sia soniche che costruttive. Un gioiello!!

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