Acoustic Revive HQ-4 Hickory insulators (set of 4)


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Yet more goodies to tempt us with arrive from Acoustic Revive. Of late quite a number of Acoustic Revive products employ Hickory wood, Acoustic Revive have chosen to use this wood because of it's acoustic effects.

Nhow Acoustic revive present to us these set of 4 Hickory isolators. All you need to do is place them under your gear, such as CD players, amplifiers, and even your loudspeakers.

Hickory is used for high-quarity drumstick etc, and HQ-4 is cube insulator made by such expensive wood. Unlike other woods, Hickory does not add unnecessary sound and distortion.
Since HQ-4 is small, it is suitable for not only audio equipment but also small network equipment such as router and NAS, or power distributor and cable insulator.

Materials: Hickory, natural beewax coating
Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm x 20mm


Acoustic Revive: Once you listen to it, you know the difference. The accessory and cable that not only changes sounds. The true accessory and cable manufacturer that revives the sound to most natural and real sound.

Our philosophy: "To take away nothing and to add nothing".
Our goal: "To purely transmit the original source signal and to emit the most realistic sound-stage into the listening room".

This is why we created ACOUSTIC REVIVE.

Acoustic Revive is a Japan producer of audio hi-end accessories and cables designed and engineered to obtain the best results today available. Construction quality is superb so they are also used in the major recording company.

The Japanese school of hi-end accessories for the fine optimization of an audio system, is here. Acoustic Revive takes audio tweaking very seriously, introducing materials and techniques extremely advanced:

- Using aerospace materials like the Duraluminium or physiological materials like natural quartz.
- Apply special material processing like the Japanese traditional forging process of "tripleC" cables technology.
- Doing deep cryogenic treatments that, modifying the molecule structure, better the signal transmission.
- Employ demagnetizing treatments, to cancel the influence of the magnetic fields.
- Dimension and design basing on the Gold Section.
- Introduce the so-called "virtual grounding" concept.

When an audio hi-end system is treated with Acoustic Revive accessories, it sounds more detailed, natural, smooth, and also more deep, powerful and dynamic. Every Acoustic Revive product is 100% "Made in Japan".

Please note that due to distribution agreements, the Acoustic Revive products can only be shipped within Italy.

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Acoustic Revive HQ-4 Hickory insulators (set of 4)

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