Palmer Audio 2.5-12 Turntable


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The palmer 2.5-12 is the magnificent version of the 2.5 , suitable for 12" tonearms. Palmer arm bases compatible with the majority of the best arm are available ( contact us).

The Masterpiece of Jon Palmer
It is not really appropriate to break down a palmer turntable to its specification in as much as they are all "holistic" designs. for instance, I would suggest that the drive system is not simply an appropriate motor, but the motor, housing, belt, pulley, platter, plinth, mat, main bearing etc as all these items have to combine harmoniously to realise the results I am looking for.

I use AC synchronous motors which may be somewhat unfashionable these days AC motors are used to accurately power clocks and medical equipment, surely a fine indication that they are very good timekeepers. They rely solely upon the frequency that they are provided with and cannot deviate from that.

A DC motor needs a feedback loop to tell it to either go faster or slow down. However, it can only be told to do this once the error has occurred and so may be in a constant state of change however small.

We supply only the amount of power required to maintain the constant stable rotation of the high mass platter. Anything more than this is simply "noise".

Like a fine watch movement, it is a delicate balance that provides a state of harmony between the drag and inertia
Starting a palmer turntable requires you to interact with it, much like winding a mechanical watch It soon becomes second nature to spin the platter with just the right amount of force so that it is running to speed instantly.

So then, an Holistic approach to turntable design, every component is considered in how interacts with its neighbour so that the sum of the parts is exceeded by the whole.

Comment of Gene Rubin, a Palmer Audio dealer
After 32 years of selling, enjoying and hearing practically all of the very best LP turntables, I have finally found a turntable that is so remarkable, it is like entering another world.

The Palmer 2.5, as you see it here, comes with the Scottish Audio Origami tonearm. I am using it with the Dynavector XX2 cartridge. I had been hearing incredible reviews about the Palmer from my sources in the UK. Jon Palmer sent this table for me to use at Stereophile Show in Newport Beach. Within minutes after I set this turntable up, I was listening with my jaw dropped. I practically can't describe how incredible it is. Pure silent background, music that is so real you just can't tear yourself away from it. I played nothing but LP's the entire show. Visitors to the room would sigh a breath of relief at finally being able to relax in a room with real music. Some listeners spents hours and came back over and over to revel in the sound of this table with the LFD amp and Harbeth speakers.

Listening comments
The high mass platter is nicely balanced by the rigid, multi-ply birch plinth, resulting in a big but very nimble presentation, with plenty of PRAT, density, texture, dynamic presence, and tonal nuance. Just makes you want to play record after record, without a glance at the CD player.
Certainly there is a very low noise floor, which translates into outstanding resolution, dynamic contrasts, and "U R There" presence. The sense of atmosphere with live jazz recordings, for example, is special. The high mass platter, in conjunction with a low-noise bearing and quiet AC motor, is probably responsible. The motor is low torque, in fact you have to "push" the platter up to speed to get started. Not really a problem, since you can flip and change records on the fly, as recommended by Jon Palmer.

- External dedicated power supply with speed regulation, included.
- Palmer Audio Clamp included.
- Palmer mounts are available for the majority of arms.

Permanent demo c/o PlayStereo Studio and other authorized resellers.

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Palmer Audio 2.5-12 Turntable

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  1. Lynford Andrews
    2019-12-12 15:01
    Please give me a call me on 07801812293
  2. Lynford Andrews
    2019-12-12 14:34
    Hi Gerardo,Why are you treating me like this!!!???The mind boggles!
  3. Lynford Andrews
    2019-12-12 10:24
    Hello Gerardo,Why are you choosing to ignore my emails!?Not very professional...
  4. Lynford Andrews
    2019-11-22 15:58
    Hi, Is this Palmer 2.5 - 12" still available?
    • PlayStereo
      2019-11-23 16:52
      Hello, we answered you in private, thank you.
      • Lynford Andrews
        2020-02-21 00:39
        Yes, and I\'m still f***ing waiting, 3 f***ing months ago I contacted you! You absolute twat. No way to run a business! Idiot!
  5. Marco Bodini
    2019-04-19 11:19
    Buongiorno, il 2.5-12 accetta anche bracci da 9 pollici ?
    • PlayStereo
      2019-04-20 04:56
      Per questo suppongo che occorrerebbe farsi costruire una basetta apposita.

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