Topping E30 II Lite DAC USB AK4493S XMOS XU208 32bit 768kHz DSD512

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TOPPING E30 II LITE DAC AK4493S XMOS XU208 32bit 768kHz DSD512

The new Topping E30 II Lite comes with various technical improvements. It uses AKM’s VELVET Sound Technology’s sub-flagship AK4493S chip, that has won acclaim from audio enthusiasts for its outstanding performance and top-notch sound quality.

With the AK4493S, the E30 II Lite has a dynamic range of up to 121dB and THD<0.0004%. This not only ensures the high accuracy of audio signal restoration, but also provide a detailed live music experience as if you where there.

The Topping E30 II Lite is widely compatible with operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC, Linux and iOS/Android Systems. Only the driver installation and setup is required when using ASIO applications on Windows Systems (MAC OS, Liux, iOS, Android/iPad OS re driver-free). The E30 II Lite adopts the XMOS XU208 interface, which makes the PC an excellent HiFi music source. E30 II Lite can support high-resolution audio streams, up to DSD512 and PCM768kHz. The optical and coaxial input of E30 II Lite support up to 24bit/192kHz, which is suitable for digital turntables, CD players and game consoles.

5V power supply

The E30 II Lite uses DC 5V for power supply, which can easily access almost everywhere. You can power it up by USB port of PC, mobile phone charger or even a power bank. The built-in protection circuit will protect the E30 II Lite and prompt on the screen after connecting to the wrong power supply.

Discrete LNRD circuit

The Dicrete LNRD circuit (Low Noise Reference Driver) filters out the noise that can be caused by various 5V power input and provides perfectly stable power supply of ultra-low-noise reference level for the E30 II Lite. With this technology, the background noise of the E30 II Lite is lower than 1.9uV.

DAC filter mode

The Topping E30 II Lite provides 6 filter modes under PCM decoding, 2 filter modes under DSD decoding, enabling fine-tuning of details and sound reproduction that meets your preferences.

Auto On/Off function

This function will automatically turn on and set to the input that is receiving a valid audio signal. When the E30 II Lite receives no valid signal for 1 minute, it will turn off automatically.

DAC mode

The E30 II Lite can work as a pure DAC. I this mode, the DSD signal will directly output to analog part, bypassing unnecessary signal conversion and making the signal more realistic.

Volume control

The E30 II Lite is equipped with a built-in volume control function that makes it easy to adjust the volume from -99dB to 0dB using the remote control. This means that the E30 II Lite can be connected directly to an amplifier, pure power amplifiers or active speakers, allowing you to enjoy music more comfortably.


DAC chip: 1* AKM AK4493S

Inputs: 1* USB-B;1* Optical Toslink; 1* Coaxial

Output: 1* Stereo RCA

Supported sample rates: USB: PCM up to 32bit 768kHz, native DSD up to DSD512, DSD DoP up to DSD256; Coaxial / Optical: PCM up to 24bit 192kHz

THD+N @1kHz (A-weighted): < 0.0002%

THD @90Bw (Not-weighted): < 0.0004% 

SNR (A-weighted): 121dB @ 1kHz

Dynamic range (A-weighted): 121dB @ 1kHz

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-0.3dB); 20Hz - 40kHz (+/-0.8dB)

Output level: 2.1Vrms @ 0dBFS

Noise (A-weighted): < 1.9µVrms

Crosstalk @ 1kHz: -137dB

Channel balance: < 0.3dB

Ouput impedance: 20 Ohm

Dimensions: 100*125*32mm

List of item included:

  • 1* Topping E30 II Lite
  • 1* Remote control
  • 1* USB-A male to USB-B male cable
  • 1* USB-A male to DC jack power cable

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Topping E30 II Lite DAC USB AK4493S XMOS XU208 32bit 768kHz DSD512

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