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Metrum Acoustics is proud to start the partnership with MQA ! We believe that our clients are entitled to getting the best quality of sound when using our Digital to Analogue converters, and with our Non Oversampling (NOS) working principle we are able to provide that ultimate listening experience. We do understand that because of the ever growing offering of digital music, brought to you in different formats, that it is key to support other formats as well.

Therefore we have signed, sealed and delivered the contractual arrangements with MQA, to bring the MQA technology, AS AN OPTION, to our Digital to Analogue converters. As we have strong feelings about freedom, it is the customer who will decide whether to use the supreme Non Oversampling technology we have worked to perfection, or the MQA technology which will be offered to the following products as an upgrade, or for that matter both.

For current Amethyst, Onyx, Jade, Pavane and Adagio clients the MQA module will be available as an optional upgrade soon, and for all future clients we will incorporate the MQA technology as an optional upgrade when purchased.

In short, the MQA functionality is not yet available as part of our products, but soon it will be, yet it is entirely up to you to use the MQA module or not.

Soon we will communicate the availability of the MQA module, and if you are somewhat impatient, please contact us directly.

For now we have added the MQA logo to the products which are suitable for an upgrade, and while we are in the process of making the module available the MQA capabilities are an upgrade and not (yet) standard out of the box.

To learn more about MQA and its capabilities, please visit the MQA website

MQA enabled Digital to Analog converters provide full decoding for the MQA sound quality.

At Metrum Acoustics the MQA module is optional, so it is your choice to add the upgrade immediately or at a later stage.

Applicable on: (contact us for more information)

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Metrum Acoustic at a glance

All Engineering (AE) is a company with a history of innovation in many fields within the world of electronic design. In the audio industry AE is primarily known today for its brand Metrum Acoustics. In the electrostatic speaker field their experience dates back to 1989 and gradually over time broader electronic applications have evolved. 

A diverse range of acoustic system products have been created during this period, always relying on sound electronic design principles. Digital signal processing has played a significant role in more recent developments. 

In hi fidelity audio AE’s attention was initially drawn to the limited availability of certain componentry. Established manufacturers supplying these key components decide how signals should be processed. No alternatives are available and therefore this greatly influences the sound image that is realised.  

Current trends among manufacturers are to use the technique of ‘oversampling’ or ‘upsampling’ within the digital to analogue chipset itself. This forces designers to utilise this method of signal conversion for their own products. It also means that many brand systems use the same building blocks and consequently sound the same. The sound images created by such systems can actually betray the componentry that has been implemented.

These sampling techniques were introduced to fulfil the need ‘to smooth’ the conversion process from digital to analogue and prevent phase distortion. Particularly during the years following the introduction of CD replay, conversion methods proved insufficient with regard to sonic artefacts. In response strong filtering methods were employed and the oversampling technique was born. These techniques however had disadvantages which manifest themselves for example in areas of transient response.

Today there is a growing view that ‘non oversampling’ or NOS for short, offers many benefits but without the compromises mentioned above. AE dedicated considerable time and attention to researching the NOS premise and found its audible benefits valid up to a certain point. 

The question then remained how to remove these sonic artefacts without resorting to oversampling. This question was answered by the first product  made by AE  the NOS mini DAC  Quad, a digital to analogue converter designed and manufactured with modern high speed industrial grade chipsets,  free from most of the disadvantages of the past.  These techniques are improved over time and used over the entire range of products. The most important result is the  sound, which was never so close to the analog origin.

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Metrum Acoustics MQA Module [b-Stock]

B-Stock product, (read below) in excellent condition with original packaging, 2 year warranty.

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