FiiO K9 Desktop DAC with Headphone Amplifier


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FiiO K9 Desktop DAC with Headphone Amplifier

  • High performance ES9068AS*2
  • THX AAA 788+ amplifier
  • Dual-mode clock management
  • QCC5124 Bluetooth
  • LDAC/aptX Adaptive and other high-res Bluetooth format support
  • App connectivity
  • Truly balanced design
  • Dual-voltage linear transformer
  • Variety of inputs and outputs

High-performance dual cores for soul-shaking sound

Two ES9068AS DACs handle the left and right channels, and make up the high-quality “core” of the K9. Listen to your favorite playlist and be instantly immersed in the music.

Hi-end amplifier, refreshingly capable

The FiiO K9’s ace up its sleeve is the THX AAA 788+ amplifier, giving it an extraordinary 1% undistorted power output up to 780mW at 300 Ohm and up to 2000mW at 32 Ohm. No matter if you low-impedance or high-impedance headphones, the K9 will drive it with aplomb.

Fully balanced design

From the DAC, to the volume adjustment, to the amplification, every part of the K9 is truly balanced for greatly reduced crosstalk and more authentic sound.

Partitioned design for maximum performance of each section

The PCB of the K9 features a partitioned layout, fully separating the major sections of the audio circuit - the power supply, signals, and analog signal loop. This guarantee the integrity of the audio signal being processed.

Six-stage audio circuit faithfully reproducing sound

The desktop-grade six-stage audio circuit was meticulously designed to ensure a pure, delicate yet rich sound. I/V conversion, LPF filter, digital volume adjustment, buffer amplifier, pre-amplifier, post-stage drive.

Robust power supply, ample power

The linear transformer is paired with 4 massive 4700uF capacitors to provide clean continuous power. The digital and analog sections of the K9 receive power separately to reduce interface between the two audio circuits, for pure and faithful reproduction of the music.

Multiple LDOs in multiples stages

The power stabilization and filtering whiten the audio circuit plays a big part in ensuring excellent sound quality. Each stage of the audio circuit employs ultra-low noise LDOs for voltage regulation.

Dual-mode clock management

Accurate and stable dual-mode clock management allows the K9 to easily play back high-resolution audio with the greatest fidelity, as if you where there with the performing artists.

High-res Bluetooth Adapt at all of your audiovisual needs

The K9 employs the QCC5124 Bluetooth chip with support for LDAC/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive and other high-res Bluetooth formats. With the K9, you can listen to music, watch videos, and play video games with hight quality and low latency.

*Bluetooth 5.1, supported formats: LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX/aptX HD apt LL/AAC/SBC

Compatible with UAC 1.0/UAC 2.0

The K9 supports both UAC 1.0 and UAC 2.0 modes, allowing you to use the K9 with either devices that are simply plug-and-play or devices that can work with the K9 with an additional driver for even better compatibility. And the FiiO Control App allows you to easily switch between UAC1.0 and UAC2.0 modes.

*UAC1.0 for PS5 and other devices support

  • LO: only the rear RCA+XLR analog outputs are active, at max output and cannot be adjusted by the volume knob
  • PRE: only the rear RCA+XLR analog outputs are active and can be adjusted by the volume knob
  • PO: only the front headphone outputs are active and can be adjusted by the volume knob

Horizontal or vertical

The K9 adopts the well received design of other FiiO desktop units, and features an all-aluminum construction made from an integrated stretching + CNC process to ensure the body’s strength and precise finish. And with the vertical stand, the K9 can be used either vertically or horizontally, allowing to become a versatile part of your desktop setup.

RGB lights

The iconic FiiO volume knob is powered by ADC curve reconstruction to allow your to precisely and smoothly adjust through 120 levels of volume. The RGB lights around the knobs indicate the current audio sampling rate and Bluetooth format.

FiiO Control App

You can connect the K9 to your phone via Bluetooth, and with the addition of the FiiO Control App you get access to more functionality, such as adjustment of filters, status indicators, EQ, channel balance.

*EQ only works in Bluetooth mode.

Multiple intelligent protection systems

Three intelligent protection systems: preventing overheating, overload, and DC protection, constantly make sure that the K9 delivers high-energy music without wearing itself out, so that you can listen to your music worry-free.

Multiple connections

- Connect via USB cable to a desktop ore notebook computer

- Connect to a phone via USB-B to Type-C cable

- Connect to a phone, tablet, etc. via Bluetooth

- Connect to a desktop digital player

- Connect to external amplifiers or active speakers

Basic specifications

DAC: ES9068AS*2

Decoding chip: XMOS XUF 208

Amplifier: Dual THX ZZZ 788+

Bluetooth chip: QCC5124, Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth format support: LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX HD/aptX LL AAC/SBC

Outputs: 6.35mm/4.4mm/XLR-4/RCA/XLR

Inputs: USB/OPT/COAX/RCA/4.4mm

Dimensions: 200x224.5x72 mm (excluding feet)

General specifications



hardware solution

DAC:ES9068A * 2,USB:XMOS XUF208, Bluetooth: QCC5124,LPF:OPA1612 * 2, Volume IC:NJU72315 * 2,AMP:THX AAA788 + * 2, Transformer: Linear Transformer;



Volume control type

analog potentiometer (ADC sampling)


Approximately 2660g

channel balance

L12 ~ R12 (0.5dB per stage)



FiiO Control


Bluetooth format indication


sample rate indication



200x 224.5x 72mm (excluding foot pads)

firmware upgrade

The system firmware and Bluetooth version can be upgraded through USB

Deep Standby

Long press the multi-function key for about 3 seconds

Low Power Reminder

Bluetooth emission

Bluetooth Reception (5.1)

AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/atpX Adaptive

Bluetooth format indicator

SBC: blue, AAC: cyan, aptX HD: yellow, aptX: purple, aptX LL: purple, LDAC: white, atpX Adaptive: green

charging indicator

The highest supported sampling rate

768kHz-32bit/DSD512(USB DAC)

adaptation impedance

16~600 Ω

192 kHz-24bit (coaxial)

96 KHz-24bit (fiber)

keys and interfaces


Solid key + toggle switch



Single-ended input interface

RCA socket

Balancing Line Input Interface

4.4mm balance socket

digital fiber input interface

optical fiber socket

Digital coaxial input interface

RCA socket

Balancing output interface

4.4mm socket, XLR4 balanced socket

Headset output interface

standard 6.35mm socket

Balancing line output interface

XLR3 balance socket

Single-ended line output interface

RCA socket

power supply parameters

power supply

AC 100-120V ~/AC 220-240V ~ (recommended)

battery capacity

Charging time

The duration of the PO

Audio parameters

Some performance parameters of single-ended line output

distortion plus noise

<0.00026%(1kHz/10 kΩ/A weighting)

signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 119dB (A weight)

channel separation

≥ 111dB (1kHz/10 kΩ)

bottom noise

<2.9 μV(A weighting)

frequency response

20Hz~50kHz (-1.5dB)

line output level

2.4Vrms (1kHz/10kΩ)

Performance Parameters of Balanced Line Output

distortion plus noise

<0.00025%(1kHz/10 kΩ/A weighting)

signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 124dB (A weight)

channel separation

≥ 120dB (1kHz/10 kΩ)

bottom noise

<3.1 μV(A weighting)

frequency response

20Hz~50kHz (-1.5dB)

line output level

4.8Vrms (1kHz/10kΩ)

Headset Output Part Performance Parameters (6.35mm)

Output Power 1


output impedance

<1 Ω(32 Ω)

Output Power 2


channel separation

≥ 75dB (1kHz/32 Ω)

Output Power 3

≥200mW(300Ω / THD+N<1%,AUX IN)

distortion plus noise

<0.00028% (1kHz/32 Ω/A weighting)

bottom noise

<4.8 μV(A weighting)

signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 124dB (A weight)

frequency response

20 Hz~50kHz (-1.5dB)

peak output voltage


Balance Headset Output Part Performance Parameters (4.4mm/XLR4)

Output Power 1


output impedance

<1 Ω(32 Ω)

Output Power 2


channel separation

≥ 114dB (1kHz/32 Ω)

Output Power 3

≥780mW(300Ω / THD+N<1%,AUX IN)

distortion plus noise

<0.00029% (1kHz/32 Ω/A weighting)

bottom noise

<7.1 μV(UAC, gain m, maximum volume)

signal-to-noise ratio

≥ 119dB (A weight)

frequency response

20Hz~50kHz (-1.5dB)

peak output voltage



FiiO logo

About FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

01 Brand Introduction - HiFi+Fashion

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.  It is a high-tech enterprise that combines research, development, production and sales, and its sales are mainly based on its own FiiO brand as opposed to OEM/ODM.  It focuses on digital audio, with current mainstay products being portable headphone amplifiers, DAC / amps and portable digital audio players.

FiiO: It is composed of Fi (Fidelity) from HiFi and iO (represents number 1 and 0) which indicates the sincerer feeling and more convenient life the digital tech has brought to us.

飞傲: The Chinese transliteration of FiiO, as well as representing youthful vigor and the active & innovative spirit of the company.

Audio products are meant to fulfill the spiritual pleasure of users.

  1. FiiO provides products and service related to music.
  2. We also hope to bring happiness to our users with the provided products and service, which is also the key value of FiiO.

Customer Service

  1. Good after-sales service, more reliable
  2. Great user experience, more pleasure
  3. Variety of activities, more involved

About products

  1. Affordable: FiiO products are well-known for its feature of high cost-performance. Lowering the entry level to make more customers can afford.
  2. Easy to use: FiiO pays great attention to the user experience. We are not only provide products with high quality, but also easy to use and with long lasting durability.
  3. More accessories bring more fun: Enable to play in a variety way and use under more possible environments.
  4. Updates available: Equipped with a variety of ports, it makes the music players can still connect to external amp/DAC for upgraded enjoyment.
  5. Endless transformability available: With replaceable amp module and expandable storage, the X7 can bring more playability.

02 Company Profile

Research & Development Team

  • Twenty years of R&D experience in audio products
  • Former core R&D team for audio products from OPPO
  • A team of 20 professional R&D engineers in software, hardware, industrial design, structure and electro-acoustic.

Research & Development Investment

FiiO keeps bringing in advanced equipments and high-tech talents so as to ensure the stable growth and long term competitive edge. Up till now, the team size has expanded three times than that of 2007 when we established.

Team Composition

The R&D team is made up of development dep, engineering dep and QC dep, with 60+engineers in total.

Authorized certifications

FC, CE, KC, CCC and ISO9001:2008 ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Production management

FiiO has strict requirements to production with almost “zero tolerance” even to small problems, which is strictly in compliance with the International Quality Management System ISO9001. 

QC Equipment 

  • a. AP audio analyzer (valued at 200,000RMB).
  • b. Life-span test platform against high & low temperature, swing and plug & unplug trial.
  • Aging test carriage towards mass production.
  • Aging test machine under high & low temperature.

Customer oriented

Driven by customers’ needs, we innovate constantly and response promptly to the market changes. We develop new products based on customers’ needs and compete for more market shares.

Company culture - Our Vision

Present the world a better “Made in China”.

Brand Spirit

  • Innovation

the earliest company that designed the minimum volume headphone amplifier. First dockable amp & DAC product. First amp specially designed for iPod/iPhone. First amp with adjustable power supply and power supplied by mobile phone battery. First multifunctional headphone amp & DAC for Android smarphone. First Hi-Res music player at a price lower than 1000RMB supporting 192K music. First Android-based Hi-res music player. 

  • Quality

Repair Rate < 1%. Sound Quality Control system. Original components imported from TI, Wolfson, Maxim. Company-wide quality control. +20 quality engineers and inspectors. Complete testing facilities. 

  • Service

CEO at the frontline of customer service. 100% response to enquiries. The most popular headphone amplifier brand on Head-Fi. First class website and contents in the audio industry. Interaction with and support to customers on Facebook and Microblog (twitter-like social website).

Brand Mission

FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style.

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FiiO K9 Desktop DAC with Headphone Amplifier

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Ottimo ampli

Consigliatomi da Playstereo in seguito a una mia richiesta di informazioni, ha risposto a tutte le aspettative: ottima resa acustica e dinamica, va molto bene con le mie Denon 5200 e le Sennheiser 660s. Come al solito eccellente servizio da parte di Playstereo.

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  1. Giovanni Muro
    2023-08-10 07:21
    Salve volevo sapere se al Fiio K9 Desktop è possibile collegare una cuffia non cablata, per esempio gli Airpods della Apple in modalità wirelessGrazieGM
    • PlayStereo
      2023-08-10 07:36
      Buongiorno, no, il K9 contiene un ricevitore Bluetooth cui inviare il segnale ( ad esempio da uno smartphone) non un trasmettitore Bluetooth.Per l’utilizzo che richiede può dare un’occhiata al FiiO BTA30 PRO, a cui inviare il segnale tramite i suoi ingressi digitali usb / coassiale , che poi trasmetterà via Bluetooth.

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