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Contact treatment and cleaner "ECI-50" is now introduced by ACOUSTIC REVIVE.  

This is the most advanced and effective contact treatment that dramatically improves the conduction characteristic of the contact point, with a outstanding sound  upgrade.

Previous "ECI-100" version was 100ml while this container is 50ml.
There is a much higher level of conductive nano particles which has enabled us to achieve a vastly better contact and conductivity.

In addition, nano particles are added in the Good hi-tech oil of the dispersibility and in this reason, it does not become black like the conventional product, but is water-white.
Moreover, as the oil is of a longer life and higher stability compared with conventional squalane oil, it does not get dried like squalane oil. Additionally, nano particles are mixed with the finest high tech oil to aid dispersion, due to this, it does not become black like conventional products but is water white (transparent).

The major effect is that the nano particles can get into the minute unevenness of the contact parts which increases the contact surface and improves the conduction characteristics.
One proven example of this is that the processing speed of a P/C improves.
Stability increases after applying the liquid in about 24 hours, and sound quality improves drastically.
ECI-50 does not have a ‘signature tone’ side effect like conventional contact revival liquids, instead, we obtain a natural and clearly superior sound on all parameters, after treatment with ECI-50.

Important notes for use and application.

The effect of ECI-50 will be stable about after 24 hours and a conductivity becomes drastically better. Just after the treatment, the sound may a bit bright and this might be considered as a negative result.

It is not enough just to splay the liquid. You need to polish the terminal with a swab, or to take a plug out and insert repeatedly to clear the connecting surface. After 24 hours later, a frequency response and dynamic rage are expanded, and the sound becomes more smooth and lively.

A principle of action and structure of this spray.
Nano-sized conductive particles bury a very small unevenness on the connecting surface and make the area of connecting surface bugger, resulting to make the conductivity much better.
Furthermore, a very smooth high-technology oil makes the contacting surface far bigger than "squalane oil" which is used for most of similar products on market (Squalance oil is highly adhesive and easy to get dry).

All connecting surfaces can be treated. Even if it overflows somewhat, there is no problem. However, it is not necessary to put too much liquid, but important thing is to clean and polish the surface after putting liquid(or to take a plug out and insert repeatedly to clear the connecting surface and spread the liquid on the surface).

A duration on a power plug(which generates heat) continue for a half year, however, other connecting points keep more than one year. However, the effect does not become ZERO even after one year.(It last several years to become ZERO effect).

The important thing is to keep the connecting surface "wet", and the special high-technology oil keeps "wet" for a long time.

Important points to use ECI-50 are:
1) After splaying, clean/polish the contacting surface by rubbing   with a cotton swab, or pull a plug out and insert repeatedly to   clear the connecting surface.
2) To check the effect after 24 hours.

All of conventional contact-cleaners are using a "surfactant" which damages a plastic part around the contacting point, or makes negative effect for the sound, however, ECI-50 does not have such disadvantages at all.

ECI-50 is an epoch-making contact-cleaner which works not only a cleaner, but also an improvement of the conductivity for a long time.


Acoustic Revive: Once you listen to it, you know the difference. The accessory and cable that not only changes sounds. The true accessory and cable manufacturer that revives the sound to most natural and real sound.

Our philosophy: "To take away nothing and to add nothing".
Our goal: "To purely transmit the original source signal and to emit the most realistic sound-stage into the listening room".

This is why we created ACOUSTIC REVIVE.

Acoustic Revive is a Japan producer of audio hi-end accessories and cables designed and engineered to obtain the best results today available. Construction quality is superb so they are also used in the major recording company.

The Japanese school of hi-end accessories for the fine optimization of an audio system, is here. Acoustic Revive takes audio tweaking very seriously, introducing materials and techniques extremely advanced:

- Using aerospace materials like the Duraluminium or physiological materials like natural quartz.
- Apply special material processing like the Japanese traditional forging process of "tripleC" cables technology.
- Doing deep cryogenic treatments that, modifying the molecule structure, better the signal transmission.
- Employ demagnetizing treatments, to cancel the influence of the magnetic fields.
- Dimension and design basing on the Gold Section.
- Introduce the so-called "virtual grounding" concept.

When an audio hi-end system is treated with Acoustic Revive accessories, it sounds more detailed, natural, smooth, and also more deep, powerful and dynamic. Every Acoustic Revive product is 100% "Made in Japan".

Please note that due to distribution agreements, the Acoustic Revive products can only be shipped within Italy.

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Acoustic Revive ECI-50 Conduction Improvement Cleaner

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Eccellente prodotto

Avevo già acquistato prodotti simili per la pulizia dei contatti e per migliorare la conduttività, ma questo è nettamente migliore! Costa decisamente di più, ma con un attento uso può durare a lungo. Il suono è migliorato sotto ogni aspetto, frequenze, armoniche, dettagli, palcoscenico, lo consiglio!

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Ottimo spray che mantiene le promesse

Avevo già acquistato in passato la confezione da 100ml. con ottimi risultati.Una volta messo sui contatti di qualsiasi tipo e aver atteso le 24 ore consigliate , il risultato sarà di più' velocità e trasparenza nell'ascolto.Servizio ottimo

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