T-TOC Records HDCA-001 High Definition Case LP Demagnetizer


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Do not mind "half-trust." Please try "30 seconds" first. 

"All analog record of your home to the world of another dimension" 

World's first sound record improving disc case appeared exclusively for analog record! 
Hybrid adoption of special ion control material (new material formulation) and special bio energy material at 7:3! 
Increase blended ingredients by 30%! Sound quality dramatically increases in just 30 seconds! Vibration, heat treatment etc. are unnecessary at all!

Why get better sound quality by simply Q. keep in case?
A. tray inside a special ion control material and special bio-energy hybrid material: there is the effect of neutralizing the electromagnetic waves that have accumulated in the disk, static electricity, the adverse effect of the magnetic field and the like. In addition, the whole case has been decorated with its own α processing, we were able to uniformly disk processing from 360 degrees any angle. In addition, the modified ability with a special material that is used in the internal tray, you can enjoy the demagnetization effect is also different homeopathic "full of shiny an organic sense of realism".

Q. there how much by the effect from it in its case? Effect Following the forever?
A. Set the tray, sound quality usually only as little as 30-seconds, you can see the improvement of image quality. Further long period of time by (one hour or more) set, dramatically improved up and down the front, rear, left and right of the space reproduction. By the balance of the entire band is stable, you can enjoy a high degree of transparency sound quality a relaxed. And the video is, bleeding, such as flicker is drastically reduced, I think than you are able to your experience the three-dimensional realism image quality, such as the 3D even 2D. Also it depends on the use environment, and is a state that has issued from the case is usually "about 48 hours" effect will persist. So will continue to effect the decline over time, we strongly recommend that you stored in the always the case.

Q. Is there a time limit to the effect of the case itself?
A. extremely strong electromagnetic waves or moisture, semi-permanent effect as long as you do not like to continue devoted several months in direct sunlight is persistent. However, please do not do absolutely dramatic decline of the effect and will decompose the case, or because that would disappear. By any chance, when the tray portion is gone off, it will be repaired for a fee. Music, you will use video to any disc media regardless of any (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.).

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T-TOC Records HDCA-001 High Definition Case LP Demagnetizer

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