WireWorld I-World minijack/RCA Stereo Cable 1.5m


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Wire World i-World Audio Cable 3.5mm minijack to RCA, 1.5 meters lenght.

Wireworld iWorld audio cables are designed to provide an improved connection between portable music devices and home A/V equipment. The iWorld audio cable feature a low-inductance 30-ohm coaxial design for excellent clarity and dynamics. All conductors in the iWorld cables are made of high quality grain-optimized oxygen-free copper (OFC) for improved signal transfer.
This cable can be used with MP3 players, computers and any other device which requires a 3.5mm stereo jack to 2x RCA connection.

Although modestly priced, the iWorld audio cable boasts high very specifications which include:

Grain-Optimized oxygen-free copper conductors
Low-inductance 30-Ohm audio co-axes
24K Gold plated connectors

Available length: 1.5m

Wire World at a glance

The world leader in cable technology for home theater and high-end audio systems

WireWorld audio, video and power cables utilize a series of patented and highly effective innovations to provide dramatic improvements in sound and image quality. Our unique scientific approach of comparing cables to a direct connection has resulted in products of superlative performance and value, which thrill consumers and critics around the World.

A generation has passed since audio enthusiasts first discovered that cables could change the sound of their stereo systems, but clear explanations of those changes and of why one cable may produce better sound quality than another are not easily found. The fact is that the best cable of all, would be no cable at all, a direct physical connection between components. Our unique approach of evaluating cables by comparing them to a direct connection has enabled us to develop cables that clearly preserve more of the beautiful harmonic textures and dynamic expression that make live music so enjoyable.
Likewise, our objective methodology and dedication to quality have also led to substantial advances in digital video cable and power cord technology.

  WireWorld cable design methodology

• A clear objective: To create cables closest in performance to a direct connection
• Identify and analyze all forms of loss through bypass testing and measurement
• Create new cable designs that minimize all types of observable loss and distortion
• Execute those designs according to the pricing needs of consumers

  "WireWorld is dedicated to creating cables that maximize the pleasure of your home entertainment experience."   David Salz, WireWorld President and Designer

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WireWorld I-World minijack/RCA Stereo Cable 1.5m

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Semplicememte eccellenti. Rapporto qualità prezzo imbattibile.

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Ho ordinato questo cavo per collegare il trends 10.1 ad un PC dotato di una una buona scheda audio e che quindi non richiede necessariamente un dac, ma che ha bisogno di un collegamento per non mortifichi dei buoni cavi di segnale con l'utilizzo di uno sdoppiatore rca -3,5mm (quello classico da t-amp per intenderci). Fiducioso del marchio e della descrizione del prodotto, ho avuto modo, al primo ascolto di aver fatto una scelta felice, soprattutto in ordine al rapporto qualità-prezzo. Il miglioramento della gamma audio, della stabilità della connessione e della grande versatilità del prodotto, è stato notevole, considerando anche la buona qualità dei cavi segnale precedentemente utilizzati, come detto "mortificati dal precario collegamento". Come sempre ormai da anni tuti gli acquisti, a tutti livelli (come impegno finanziario), da me effettuati su Playstereo si sono rivelati degli ottimi affari insieme ai preziosi consigli di persone veramente competenti e professionali che vi gravitano.

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