SAEC SL-2000 RCA Interconnect Cables

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SAEC SL-2000 - 6N+PCOCC-A Hybrid Structure Interconnector Cable with excellent balance.

The SL-2000 is an interconnector cable which employs a conductor with a hybrid structure of 6N-OFC and PCOCC-A and a plug with a gold-plated collect chuck structure unique to SAEC. Boasting an extraordinary dynamic range and high S/N ratio and offering a high level of performance characterized by a warm and gentle tone balance with no hint of harshness, the SL-2000 offers an excellent balance between performance and cost.

Hybrid structure of 6N-OFC which known for well-balanced stable sound, and PCOCC-A which is characterized by its high resolution. Since the high-frequency region sound signals requiring a high resolution flow in a layer near the surface of the conductor due to conductor skin effects, the PCOCC-A is provided in a peripheral portion of the conductor. Stable, high-resolution signal transmission is realized by fully exploiting the properties of each conductor.

Conductor Structure
Effects of external magnetic noise are suppressed by forming a twisted cable pair.

Foamed polystyrene is employed in the insulator to reduce energy loss in the voice-band.

A two-layer shield structure made up of copper foil and a weave layer is employed to produce a stable shielding effect over a wide bandwidth.

Special sheath with improved measures against vibration transmission, the weak point of normal halogen-free sheaths, is employed.

Highly-rated gold-plated collect chuck structure unique to SAEC is employed.

Cable Conductor: 6N-OFC+PCOCC-A
Cable Structure: Double-core, double-shield structure
External Diameter of Cable: Φ7.8mm
Cable Cover: Special flexible halogen-free sheath
Directionality: Yes

SAEC at a glance.
Founded in 1971 in the golden age of vinyl, SAEC introduced a unique and highly-influential technology called the "W (double) knife-edge tone arm". Although initially known as a specialist tone arm manufacturer, we recognized the importance of interconnect cables from the very beginning and have continued to research and develop high-performance audio cables ever since. The technology we developed through the analog era gave us the know-how to develop high-performance cables for today's digital age. All SAEC products are developed with a commitment to the basic principles of high S/N and Hi-Fi transmission, a philosophy that has been consistent since our founding. Every one of the variety of SAEC products introduced here is born out of this philosophy, and is a product we are proud of.

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SAEC SL-2000 RCA Interconnect Cables

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