Korf Audio TA-SF9 9” Armtube Tonearm

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Korf Audio TA-SF9 

TA-SF9R is a complete rethink of what a tonearm should be. 
The revolutionary design in a familiar easy to use shape.

  • Excellent rigidity and quality of motion
  • Zero-stiction flexure bearing
  • Drop-in replacement for 9" Linn and Jelco tonearms
  • Unique ceramic Korf HS-A02 headshell included
The Korf tonearms are a clean sheet rethink of what a tonearm should be. We focused on our audio priorities: quality of motion, rigidity, low energy storage, signal integrity, stability and longevity.

  • Korf tonearms are the only ones in the world to use aerospace-grade, zero stiction flexure bearings
  • Korf Audio is the world's only maker of fully ceramic headshells
  • Stainless steel arm tube is 3x stronger than aluminium, 2x stronger than titanium
Effective length229 mm
Pivot to spindle distance214 mm
Removable Headshell
Effective mass19 g
With included HS-A02 headshell
Arm tube materialStainless Steel
Horizontal bearingFlexure
Vertical bearingHybrid ceramic
Internal wiringOFC Litz
Azimuth Adjustment
Fine VTA Adjustment

Not included, but needed for operation:

  • 5-pin MDIN cable to connect your tonearm to your amplifier 
  • Pickup cartridge. If you are curious about compliance and effective mass compatibility, please use our calculator.
  • An electronic downforce scale

If you are mounting the tonearm on a wooden plinth, suitable wood screws should be sourced separately.

Flexure Pivot Horizontal Bearing
Monolithic flexure pivots are almost a hundred times more expensive than the usual rolling bearings. For that, you get amazing advantages:

  • Zero starting torque/no stiction 
  • No bearing chatter 
  • Great tracking of warps 
  • Less inner groove distortion
  • Lasts forever — no servicing, no lubrication
  • Not influenced by temperature/humidity/dust/age
  • Easy to replace if broken
What does a flexure bearing sound like? Smooth! Once you experience a tonearm that is free of bearing chatter, you will recognize the chatter's sonic signature in other designs. 
Steel Arm Tube
Based on a large study of arm tube materials, we chose a steel tube with 0.5mm wall thickness.

  • High bending resistance: 3 times higher than aluminium, 2 times higher than titanium of the same mass 
  • Low energy storage 

Why is steel seldom used in today's tonearms? It's not possible to simply replace an aluminium or titanium arm tube with a steel one. A whole new design is called for.
Widely Spaced Vertical Hybrid Ceramic Bearings
We did a study of vertical bearings's influence on sound, and chose hybrid ceramic rolling bearings for the task:

  • Better strength and precision 
  • Less chatter compared to closely spaced bearings 
  • Low starting torque/stiction 
  • Better resolution
  • Sharper dynamics
  • Better sibilance control
  • Less inner groove distortion 
  • Need no servicing or lubrication
Clamping Plinth Mounts 
For tightest plinth attachment possible. They give:

  • Better mounting precision 
  • Ease of adjustment 
  • Better plinth coupling
Magnetic Antiskating 
Magnetic antiskating has zero stiction. 

It would be a real shame to spend so much effort (and money) on our beautiful bearings, and then ruin their performance with a weight on a pulley. Or with a sliding lever.

Our magnetic antiskating is calibrated and uniform—the biasing force remains the same from the outer to the inner grooves.
Custom Headshell Connector 
To fully preserve the mechanical performance of both our unique ceramic headshell and the armtube, we designed our own connector:

  • Steel load-bearing part; aluminium alloy locking collar
  • Press-fitted into an armtube
  • Spring loaded, gold plated contact pins
  • Nylon isolator
Simple and Effective Alignment Gauge
To align your cartridge, with most other tonearms you need a protractor. It is fiddly, imprecise, hard to use, and puts your valuable cartridge or stylus at risk of damage.

TA-SF9R comes with a precise alignment gauge. It's easy to set up your cartridge exactly right in minutes. Even away from your turntable, at a comfortable well lit desk.
What Makes Korf Tonearms Special?
The Korf tonearms are a clean sheet rethink of what a tonearm should be. We focused on our audio priorities: quality of motion, rigidity, low energy storage, signal integrity, stability and longevity.

You will immediately hear the sonic benefit: Korf tonearms offer unmatched clarity, holographic imaging, real life dynamics, true tonality, sparkling highs and a really deep bass.

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Korf Audio TA-SF9 9” Armtube Tonearm

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